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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Sometimes People Can Really Surprise You...

...and, sometimes it can even be in good ways. Like tonight --- I was very tired and left work around 6:45pm. I walked thru the black melting snow, as I was slipping my subway pass thru the little swipe thing that allows me to push thru those metal bars that hurt if not in release position --- I dropped my wallet into what I hope was mush that was former snow vs. some form of human secretion, I wiped it off on my socks and then I got on the subway to head toward the commuter rail to come home.

The train was full. Everyone looked suspect to me and then ---- a man entered the train and slipped. He went crashing down on the subway floor. Much to my surprise 6 people jumped out of their seats (at risk for losing them) to help the guy! As I sat and watched the dude trip and fall it really made me feel good to see so many offer to help.

...then I realized I hadn't moved a muscle to assist. Oh well.

I am really rather worried about my wallet and the goo I dropped it in.

I have been so busy at work I've not had time to create any posts. Sorry. And, now I am must check on all my fave blogs like Homoesque and Dear Daniel so I will know what is going on for my buds in Oklahoma and England!


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