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Sunday, December 07, 2003

Snow, Snow and Even More Snow...

New England is a real winter wonderland. ...and the snow is still falling here in Salem. It should be stopping soon according to the news. Yes, snow is pretty and I do enjoy it, but tomorrow I fear it will all be ice. I figure I will have a lot of fun making my way to the commuter rail and to work. I also figure that only about 3 administrative assistants will show up for work and I will have about 50 partners mad at me. But once again, the way I figure it --- that's life.

So, has anyone purchased the new Cyndi Lauper CD? I have. It is a recording of mostly standards which opens with "At Last" ---- I really like it, but find the arrangements and vocal approaches unusual. On first listen, I wasn't quite sure I liked it, but on the second run-thru -- I loved it. Just curious if anyone else had picked it up. The new Tori Amos CD is a greatest hits package, but it contains a couple of new songs. I really like one of them --- I believe it is called "Trapping Angels" -- but I am not able to understand anything she is singing. I just like the tune and make up my own words as I drive.

Our pals, Pete and Duncan, wanted us to come look at their tree last night --- during a blizzard --- so we did. They declined to come look at ours last night because of the blizzard. ? but they said they would come see it today. They never showed or called. I suspect that P&D do not love us anymore. Either that or they only want us to get pelted with ice and snow or they do not care to see our lovely tree.

The tree really is pretty this year! I bought a new ornament of a pinapple (sp?) lady! She is about 8" tall and wears funky shoes. She looks way cool. I have her hanging near my Barbra Streisand globe. I was also able to find a wonderous Elvis ornament circa 1955 --- he is hanging from the lowest branch and adds a great deal of holiday sex appeal. Our tree is a class act!


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