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Sunday, January 18, 2004

Weekend of Disappointing Movies, but Some Nice Company

Did not do much this weekend. We saw a couple of movies and both were rather blah --"The Company" or Robert Altman makes a film about ballet. A couple of interesting dance sequences, but not much more to offer. We trudged out today and watched Ben Stiller in "Along Came Polly" which was also rather bland.

We had some friends over yesterday evening to watch a DVD. We went to dinner first and then came back here. It was a nice evening --- tho, despite all of our attempts --- Dan, Bill, Karl and I were unable to convince Jason to strip. Apparently a $20 tip is not enough to get J's pants off. However, he did perform an interesting dance interpretation of that hit song by Kelis, "Milk Shake" ...We enjoyed the way he pranced on our countertop in the kitchen as the chorus kicked in, but that is a whole other blog.

We had planned to get a lot of packing done, but did none. We move very soon. Karl is all excited. As per usual I am just nervous so am not really focused on it so much. Will be happy when we get there! Back in Boston!!!


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