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Friday, January 09, 2004

Ice Cold

Bethie and I met to watch have dinner, chat and see a movie. It was a lovely evening until we attempted to step outside the upscale Copely Mall and walk the one block to my car which was parked in the John Hancock Garage. During this short, but deadly walk we discovered that -5 degrees might be a bit too cold for us. In fact, I've lost feeling in my ears and Beth's eyes froze. I left her at a posh night club by the name of "Flight" ...I only hope that she regains her eyesight by the time she got past the red ropes and into the club.

It is so fucking cold!

My poor brother arrives tomorrow. I fear he will regret ever having decided to leave the warmth of Austin for the cold urban setting of Boston. I picked up a little cap to protect his head and ears --- and I will be bringing the long coat I made him buy when he came up for a visit not too long ago. However, I fear it will not be enough to keep him warm. Oh, well. He will have to deal.

I hope my ear didn't fall off. I am afraid to look or try to touch.


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