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Saturday, January 03, 2004

Matt's Observations Regarding the Return of the King and Some Other Thoughts

Finally got my fat ass out to see The Return of the King tonight. Here are my thoughts which, for some reason, I feel compelled to share with anyone who might be reading my sad little blog of a site:

This was the best of the trilogy, in my opinion

Is it just me or didn't that all-seeing "Eye" thing look like some sort of cosmic pussy?

Didn’t the whole hobbit friendship thing seem a bit gay? I mean I kept thinking Sam was going to plant a deep one on Frodo at any moment!

And wasn't the reunion of the hobbits on the bed even more gay? I mean we got close to a hobbit three-way!--- in slow-motion!

I know many folks think that Frodo is really hot, but I do not agree. I think Pippin is the hottest of the hobbits! Yes, he is most "do-able"

Seemed like there were four different endings --- I thought it was cool that they used all of them

I was glad Annie Lennox sang the theme song instead of Enya. I am sort of tired of Enya

...and that is about all I have to say regarding the final installment of the Lord of the Rings.

I think that both of the cute boys I tried to hook up last night like each other, but they both seem too insecure to do much about it. However I do have faith and I know that I am a bit inpatient. I was emailing with Homoesque and mentioned that I might need to lock them both in a room with a box of condoms, lube and a Barry White CD. I figure that sooner or later they would crack and surrender to nature. Well, we shall see. I am confident that they will be pals anyways. Which is cool.

I have far too many CD's and DVD's. We have had to plan on using one of the closets in the new condo as "Matt's Media Closet" --- had to purchase yet another shelving unit for this future closet today because I've run out of room. I am not sure how many CD's/DVD's I have. Maybe I should count them. ... Just counted. I have 678 CD's, but at least 12 of them belong to Karl so I don't think it is really all that obsessive or anything. I don't have the energy to count the DVD's. Maybe later. Anyway, I need that media closet!


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