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Saturday, January 03, 2004

Hot Child in the City

So, I know these two really cute, really nice and really single boys. I decided a few weeks ago to play matchmaker and try to get them together to see if they might click. My thought was, and is, that at the very least they would hit it off on the friend level --- and, maybe, just maybe they might hit it off on a romantical level.

So, late yesterday afternoon Karl and I had to take care of some business regarding purchase of our new condo --- finalize the new mortgage, pick up condo docs and take some measurements of the unit. We had planned to pick up one of these sexy boys at his place and then meet the other hot boy with his pal at a neutral place --- a nice little bar. The funny thing is that both of these boyz live in the same building! One on the first floor and the other on the 3rd!!

Anyway, we introduced them and they were both rather nervous and shy. It was cute. Am not sure if we shall see a great friendship develop or a romance bloom --- or maybe even both, but I had the best time!

And it has been quite a while since I had such a nice time. We ended up heading over to a local gay bar (The Ramrod/Machine) which I had not visited in a good couple of years. We got there wicked early. It was before 9pm so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. I was having so much fun I didn't want to leave, but Karl is not a night person and, despite having fun, wanted to head back to our soon to be sold home in the burbs. ...at 9:30. So we left --- but I can't wait to get back to Boston for good!

...I could have danced all night.

Instead I ended up playing on the computer surfing through Big Muscle!
for a couple of hours. Now, I do not really find this site hot or anything. Really. I just am fascinated at what these dudes will post on the World Wide Web! I also have the annoying habit of looking at them and trying to guess their age before checking. ...and I always feel I look younger. I suspect this delusion gets me through the night --- so to speak. The thought crossed my mind that I could have been back in Boston hanging with my friends and laughing. That would have been much better than looking at Big Muscle.

Get me back to the city now!!!!


Blogger Shane Gomez said...

I guess you have the great time.. I am a fan of big muscle too and Adam4Adam ;)

11:25 PM  

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