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Sunday, January 04, 2004

Ms. Deneuve is Belle de Jour

I hope that someone reads this that is familiar with Luis Bunuel and his film, "Belle de Jour" I saw this film for the first time back in 1995 when it was re-released. I loved it and thought I totally understood it. As I adore Catherine Deneuve --- and French films in general, I was thrilled when Karl gave me the DVD of Belle for Christmas!

Anyway, just watched it. I am not a big Bunuel fan and am only a little familiar with his work and use of symbolism so I notice that the DVD comes with commentary from two film scholars --- I decided to replay the last 3 scenes and listen to the commentary to see if it jived with my own interpretation. It didn't. So now I am wondering if I don't understand the movie or that, perhaps, these scholars are just wrong! ha!

When I first saw this film and now after having just watched it on DVD. I still interpret the ending as that Severine's husband, Pierre (and isn't that actor dreamy!!) dies in his wheelchair and Severine retreats into her world of daydreams/fantasy --- and that the empty horse buggy represents the fact that she and Pierre are no more.

...this was not the line of thought from the two scholars. So, anyone out there familiar with this film have an opinion? Just tell me if my interpretation is screwed. Share your knowledge avec moi!


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