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Thursday, January 08, 2004


Work was quite challenging today and I didn't sleep well last night. So, I feel sort of like walking dead at the moment --- yet, not so tired I want to sleep. I am so tired of people crying in my office. It is a major part of my job to counsel the administrative staff, but sometimes it gets old. To whom am I supposed to cry? I couldn't even go for a walk today as it was like 5 degrees. Thank God for my assistant. She is like this little ray of sunshine. So we had a few laughs at lunch, but I could not wait for 5:30 PM to hit. ...of course it hit and I didn't realize it. So I was there till 6:30 PM. ...like an idiot, but it was really the only time I had today to catch up on paper work and emails.

As I was walking into our condo building a cute little girl walked up to me and announced that she had a hamster. She then went on to show me how she pets her hamster. Her mother was becoming annoyed, but it was most cute. As the little girl stepped off the elevator I told her to have fun with her hamster --- she answered by saying, "Ok. I will! His name is ----" and the elevator doors shut. She was sooo cute.

Ok --- now I feel it is time to chill infront of the tv and watch crap till 10pm when I shall go to bed. Wow --- I can't believe my brother arrives on Saturday. The high is to be 4 degrees or something like that. ...Welcome to Boston!


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