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Saturday, January 10, 2004

Plans for a Chilly Day

This is a very dull post. sorry. we are about to head out to Boston. Karl is going to the fetish fair held at the Park Plaza --- yes, it is very surreal to see bondage gear in this posh hotel. However, I didn't feel it was worth the price of admission last year. So while Karl explores the kink fest I am going to see "Monster" at the Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge. ...I hear it is the "feel good" film of 2003.

Then I shall try to find the energy to actually clean the condo up a bit. Knowing that it is sold and no longer mine makes it somehow not of cleaning interest to me, but must set a good example for my brother who will be living with us till he lands employment and a place of his own to live.

Salem just hit 0 degrees. It is warming up!


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