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Monday, January 12, 2004

Wack or Mack?

Just for the record, no matter what anyone might think --- I feel that I am totally, 100% Mack-daddy-booty-licious! Ice cold! ...and ultimately, I am just too cool for school. The only problem is that my booty is getting a little too masked --- this could ultimately lead to becoming whacked. ...like crack. Next week --- I am back on SlimFast. It works.

I saw three movies this past weekend:

Monster: Incredible performance from the lead actress with the funny name. Charleeeez Theronze or something. Anyway, she was awesome! Probably most solid work I've seen from an actress in some time. The movie was good, though a bit flawed and victim to an occasional bout of TV-movie syndrome. At the same time, it got fairly hard core and was hard to watch due to violence. A very sad story.

Stuck Together: Silly, but funny enough. Cher certainly has a good sense of humor as she played herself ...and not in a very good light I should add. Interesting to note that Cher looks like an odd stuffed porcelain doll --- with really old lady hands. A bit creepy. I don't think she can shut her eyes anymore.

The Girl with the Pearl Ear Ring: I was expecting this to be a great film. It was terrible. If I had to see one more scene of that girl holding her hand up to streams of light in glassy-eyed amazement I was going to throw my box of Goobers at the screen. Goobers. Why can't we just call them chocolate covered peanuts. I hate saying "goobers" ... makes me feel whack. Anyway, the movie was filled with bad accents and worse wigs. It was total pretentiousness, but it might be of interest to old ladies. The ones present at the showing seemed to be more than satisfied. I was not. Bad movie.

Tomorrow morning I get to have this spot way up inside my right nostril quartorized (sp?) ...it will hurt, but will be fairly quick since the doctor fixed it this past summer. Now they can actually insert the instrument way up there. Essentially they burn some sort of chemical over the veins that bleed and this will prevent me from having gross nose bleeds for another 6 to 8 months. Sort of like nose welding. They can numb the nose, but I think I will try to convince them to just let me grip the chair as I had that numb feeling. ...you never know if your nose is running. Yuck.

Last night I had an erotic dream about Eric "CHiPS" Estrada. I don't wanna talk about it. That would be kind of wack.


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