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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Yes, I wore my new Goldfrapp US Tour T-shirt to work today! I was the envy of all! ...and, we had a patient who called and canceled his appointment for his deep cleaning because he had been out partying too hard at the Goldfrapp show! Ing and I were a bit more reserved. We opted for high class and gloss vs. low and dirty on the dance floor in front of the stage. Well, I was near death's door just a few days ago so I felt I better take it easy. Ing was a doll about it. The Fillmore is so cool and a great place to see a show live. We both took turns running down the stage floor. ...where we each jumped up and down and waved to each other (we were in one of those cool orchestra boxes over the stage) --- Ing looked so fucking hot in her French cut jeans and hot pink glitter disco Goldfrapp horse tshirt. I was wearing a cool shirt I had purchased for the event. I like my Goldfrapp t-shirt, but the ones for the ladies were cooler. I was going to get one, but Ing felt that they were just too femme for me. Oh well.

Ing chatted up an old hippie guarding the access to the back stage area -- which was dangerously close to us!! And, the kind-a cute British roadies kept coming up from the stage and out to the room where we were seated. Ing tried to convince me to offer up blow jobs to the two sorta cute roadies so that we could get back stage passes and bond with Allison and her band, but I'm not that kind of boy. I asked Ing if she would be willing to do the hippie who was guarding the door and reading a Louie Lamour (sp??) but she said that this was my job not hers. sigh. Anyway, I don't do that sort of thing. Besides, 39 is far too old to slip into the life of a Goldfrapp groupie. Oh, and Ing is the first person to explain why we call them "blow jobs" and not "suck jobs" because one does not really blow. (I hope you all know that) ...Anyway, as Ing explains it -- one is giving pleasure so that the recipient can blow his load. Hence, blow job. Wow! Never knew that. I didn't ask her about that "salad" thing. Maybe next time as I don't get that expression either. However, I do know how and have been "caked" But, that is a whole other blog.

However, I did have to go to the restroom. The Fillmore is really cool, but the men's room is really just a big piss trough. I had to stand next to this boy (maybe 24-ish) --- as I was relieving myself he was making it very clear that he was watching me do my business. I finally looked over at him as I was starting to find it hard to take a wee. He then told me that he liked my dick. I slipped into a frail voice and said, "Uh, thanks." ...then I zipped up and he followed me over to the sink. I was washing my hands. He was leaning against the wall behind me holding his cocktail and said something that I shall not repeat. I ran away. Ing told me I should be flattered. Ok.

The concert was amazing! Goldfrapp took the stage at about 9:20pm and their performance was flawless. They were able to recreate the exact same sound as their recorded work which is really quite rare and they were performing. No lip-syncing crap here! Her voice is amazing. I was particularly impressed with her vocal work on "Lovely Head" which blew me away. I loved that electronic gadget that distorted her yodeling. Neat-O.

Allison Goldfrapp looked amazing in her form-fitted black jumpsuit --- with the highest spike heels I think I've ever seen! She is gorgeous! However, based on what I've seen, heard and read --- they really toned down their show for the US. No costume changes, dancing or much glitz. However, her two Go-Go dancers were awesome!!!! I loved all of their scary animal head masks they wore as they danced perversely to all the great music. My fave dancer costume was for Ride The White Horse where they had these enormous disco ball-like horse heads -- and they pranced about Allison as she sang her heart out.

It was a sold out show! And everyone seemed to know the words to all the songs. Ms. Goldfrapp seemed to be wanting to do one of her more ambient trip hop shows, but she would start to lose the audience (including Ing) when she sang some of their earlier/slower stuff. The San Francisco crowd wanted electric boom and bounce. ...and they got it! Excellent and wondrous experience!! And, check out the way-cool poster that they gave us!!!!

The Fillmore was filled with way cool posters from all these years of performing. I mean, everyone from Janis to Blondie has been on that stage --- and every poster from every performance was represented. It was most neat! As we were leaving we saw this one incredible and original/vintage Fillmore poster of The Who when they were there in the 60's to perform TOMMY. We both thought of Gina and wished that she had been there to share in Goldfrapp with us. Ing shared some way cool concert story adventures she had shared with Gina. I had to pull Ing down by force as she was trying to pry The Who poster off the sacred walls of the Fillmore. I was so worried she was going to get arrested.

Gina -- you are much loved!

Oh, and do you guys like my swank new messenger bag??!?!?! Please say you do! I lost my receipt so I'm stuck with it!!! I like it.

I just told Alan all about how cool the show was and now I feel guilty. He is now wishing he had met us and scored a ticket from a scalper. Oh well.

Tomorrow, I am meeting with this incredible man I've met for dinner!!! I'm excited, can't wait to see him but I'm also nervous. Nervous in a really cool, good way. I feel self-conscious and goofy around him. Sigh.

Ok. No spell check or review. I'm just posting cuz I'm kind of tired. Goldrapp can do that to you.


Blogger matty said...

Oh man! You can't see my goldfrapp shirt! Damn! I can see it on my camera, but not when I posted it. Too dark.

8:33 PM  
Blogger Jon said...

That sounds so cool! The last live show I was at was The Raveonettes last summer (not including their recent free gig at the Ben Sherman store). Anyway, I'd assume they either have already played in NY, or will do so soon, but I'm sure it's sold out. Boo!

I never got into the whol gay culture of checking out guy's dicks while they're taking a leak. On the few occasions that has happened to me, I get really angry and tell the guy to fuck off. However, I'm Asian, so it doesn't happen that often, lol.

Um, Triple Five Soul? I usually hate most of their stuff, but I have to say that's a cool bag. it gets a Fash Mag Slag thumbs up ^_^b (thumbs up emoticon)

8:36 PM  
Blogger joe said...

woohoo.... sounds like you had fun! the last concert I want to was the Sisters of Mercy. Not very gay, lots of angry people. it was great! haha

nice bag too. I can never have enough bags, esp messenger bags.

As for peeing, I'm with Fashmagslag. Contrary to silly rumours, I like my pee where it belongs. And it's easier when some stranger isn't trying to capture the moment in his head. Unless he was hot. that is the caveat form most things. :)

9:48 PM  
Blogger k said...

After your recent health ordeal you definitely deserved a great night out. I am glad it met your expectations.

Not too sure about the bag!

Have a fantastic time with your 'incredible' date.


10:10 PM  
Blogger Motor City Monk said...

The messenger bag rocks.

Goldfrapp, eh? Should I give 'em a listen? The lead singer looks hot.

3:02 AM  
Blogger jungle jane said...

Matty and Ing what a great night you had (other than not getting laid up against the urinal and passing the opportunity to blow a hippie doorman.

other than that it sounds like you had an amazing night.

I bet Ing looked like a goddess. and of course as well all know, Goddesses don't give head to strangers. it was definitely your job and i'm not saying you failed or anything..but you know...

4:10 AM  
Blogger matty said...

Jon - It was awesome! I don't think they've set dates on the east coast yet. Check! But, I would think they will sell out in NY and, I believe that they have sold out in LA. ...I don't get into the whole mirror/urinal thing either. I was not sure how to respond other than to say thank you and run away. LOL! I am sure you get checked out at the urinal all the time and just don't notice! Triple Soul 5 - I know! But, I really liked the way it looks and feels. Thanks!

Joe -Sisters of Mercy! Hardcore! I don't really have a weakness for messenger bags but my bro made fun of my other one so I thought I should get something better. I didn't pay too much attention to the boy checking me out - other than he was far too young for me and I really needed to wee -- and his attentions were making it difficult. ugh!

Kai -- No, my bag is awesome! LOL! Yeah! Can't wait for my date tonight. Let's call him "B"

Motor City Monk! Thank you! All 3 of their CD's are different. The first is really more trip-hop-ambient and really chill-out. The second, Black Cherry, is a great mood setting CD which serves as great sex background music (if you ask me) and the new CD is just kick back disco/trash/glam. I suggest Black Cherry as the starting point because it touches on a bit of all that they do. I can't imagine anyone not liking Goldrapp. And, YEAH -- she is most hot. Go to Tube TV and check out vidclips for Number 1 or Ride The White Horse.

Jungle Jane -- Yes, I know it was my job. But, I am focused on eschewing this type of behavior! I fear it is not becoming to a gentleman of my age. Oh, forget it. I should have blown to get us backstage passes. I failed. LOL!

6:47 AM  
Blogger ginab said...

N'kay, glad to be treasured; no doubt you heard about the dysfunctional slutt, but I'll steal the poster. I will. I stole a Mozart poster from Paris I can nick a who poster from the Fillmore. but then I doubt I will. I loathe arrogance and that's all I've seen lately.

Yep the work-job is work for sure. I'm glad ing finally set you free matty in explaning what the blow is: a true machine.

Oops! what are these on the ground at my feet? flowers?

para tu


7:35 AM  
Blogger Karyn said...

You look great! Toooooo skinny tho - eat something! Eat lots of things! (But not groupies at a concert - big ew. Good call on your part I think!) Now I'm curious what a guy could say to you in the loo to make you flee! BTW I am now hooked on Goldfrapp's "Train"! Yikes! LOL!

Ok, what's "Salad"? "Cake"? Something tells me I should not be getting a visual of a dish of leafy greens followed by a decadent sugary dessert. Unfortunately that's how I'm wired; but I'm stymied on those two!

The bag's ok. I can see it working on you! As long as YOU like it.

So - how's the Wonder Date?

10:25 AM  
Blogger crabcake said...

MATTY! You were lookin HAWT baby! Nice!

12:16 PM  
Blogger crabcake said...

Nasty nudies at the cowpie field. Don't hate me because I'm beeUteeful.

6:37 AM  
Blogger Robert said...

Sweet mercy! Strike a pose Matt! Mmm-mwah!

9:48 AM  
Blogger Me said...

Having been recently goldfrapped I'm ridiculously jealous. The show sounds brilliant! But I was hoping to see your silver shoes! Love the bag!!

10:06 AM  
Blogger Dessie said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:52 PM  
Blogger Dessie said...

I'll try that again...


12:53 PM  
Blogger Dessie said...

Okay the end of it should say "tements.html".

Or try clicking

12:54 PM  
Blogger jungle jane said...

Well...how did the date go? you know we can't stand the suspense here Matty...tell all...

7:20 PM  
Blogger matty said...

gina -- can't wait to get into trouble with you and Ingrid. And, I feel sure we shall get into trouble. LOL! You need that Who poster. I just didn't want Ing to get arrested!

Karyn -- thanks! Um, I don't think I should write about what "cake" and "salad" mean. (clearing the thrroat and blushing) --- Train! Killer song!!

Crabcake! Thank you!! I can't wait to check out the nekidness in the field!!! I will catch up with my blogging very soon!!!

Robert -- I'm always ready to strike a pose. Just give me more lighting! LOL!

Meredith -- Wish you could have joined us! It was a total blast! I will have to take a picture of my silver shoes! Ing liked them. So, they passed the IngTest.

Dessie -- Yes! Barbra rocks! No matter what anyone thinks of her -- she has been a hard lined liberal from day one and has never been on the fence or hedged her political/civil rights views. Tip o the hat to Babs!

Jungle Jane -- I don't think "B" likes me writing about him. I want to!!! Because I am really having a great time getting to know him. I will say that the date was kick ass!!! And, we've another tomorrow night. It is going to be a full weekend with another date and plans with friends --- and, I hope, some beach time! But, I am deterimined to catch up on my blogging!!! Big kiss to my fave rock star!!!

10:07 PM  
Blogger ing said...

The bag is cool. The shoes, too, are cool. And okay, maybe it's a little too forward for some dude to compliment your doad while you're peeing. But I tend to take these compliments as such when they're offered.

7:01 AM  
Blogger ing said...

(My doad has been admired by many.)

7:02 AM  
Blogger ing said...

And even today, one day later, it is being admired.

Hellooooooo! Is someone on another date?

12:26 AM  
Blogger CHRIS-REMIXED said...

Let me start with this: your new bag is very smart

I saw Goldfrapp in London three months ago and they were abfab (with dancers, huge background lights and lots and lots of costumes and masks). Alison has a stunning voice live that makes their shows even more out of this world.

But I did not get that poster - which looks fantastic. I got another huge one with a picture from "supernature" though.

I am very glad they do so well in the US too.

4:30 AM  
Blogger Brookelina said...

Any friend of Jane's.....well...I probably shouldn't finish that one...

1:56 PM  
Blogger ing said...

My room is (sort of) clean, and I am tiiiired! If only Bjork were here to help me organize it and then to cut off my legs in a tranformational gesture against the restraint of traditional culture!

8:07 AM  
Blogger Karen Little said...

You could've had dirty sex at the Goldfrapp concert! You should've taken the penis-admirer up on his offer... Although I probably wouldn't have either.

I like your bag...

What is caking, by the way?

11:23 AM  
Blogger matty said...

Ing -- There is so much for one to admire regarding you! But, you did look really hot in your goldfrapp glitter shirt!

Chris-Remixed! Hi! Thanks! I hope Goldfrapp catches on in the US. However, I fear that they may be a bit too much on the edge for the US to fully embrace all that is Goldfrapp! Yeah, I think the UK shows are much more elaborate than the small ones they are doing here. But, they still rock. I think the poster plays on the costuming of the dancers. I like it.

Brooke! Yay! You visited my site! Jungle Jane rocks!

Ing -- would that have been Restraint #4 or #6? Not sure.

Karen - Yes. I could have explored that moment, But, my pal, Ing, was waiting for me in on the third floor. And, Ms. Goldfrapp was due on the stage at any moment. No time for sex with drunkened twinks I'm afraid!

12:39 PM  
Blogger The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Oooh, I'm so bloody jealous! I love Goldfrapp (and think your bag's awesome, by the way). Glad you had a good time; reading this post makes it so vivid. Living in sunny South Africa, we seldom get to experience yummy people like Alison in the flesh. I've watched their Wonderful Electric DVD about a million times now: her vocal acrobatics blow me away every time. You lucky, lucky man.

"This crazy world we're living in is magical"

7:59 AM  
Blogger matty said...

Electric Orchid Hunter! Thanks for stopping by! And, thanks for the props to my bag! Goldfrapp saves my life daily!

8:13 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

Glad you liked them! Although, how could you not?! I've not seen a full live show, but I did see them do a PA late at night at a gay indie club in London, after doing a full gig earlier in the evening, and they were still AMAZING - her voice - the costumes - the dancers with nipple tassle thingies - so cool. I'm gutted I haven't seen a full show since then.

Re: bog trolling - I don't think I'd appreciate it either if I was genuinely trying to pee. The cheek of some people, eh?

4:15 PM  

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