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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Lifetime Network, Vicodin and The Lady Who Passes Out The Metro

I seem to have developed a sort of obsession with this lady who hands out copies of The Metro newspaper to subway passengers as we enter and exit the North Station T (subway) station. She seems like she needs a friend and there are so many things I would like to ask her; I would like to know her name, how she manages to smile and greet each individual despite the fact that most either ignore or look at her with disdain, how did she got this job, does she believe that it is somehow spiritual, where does she buy her shoes, does she work a second job, is that her hair or a hat? So many questions, but all I have time to do is thank her for my copy of The Metro and return her wish that she has a good day.

Speaking of The Metro --- the third and final season of CANDY WITH STRANGERS is out on DVD today!!! This show along with AbFab and Rhoda are the top 3 TV programs of all time! ...If you ask me! I am all excited about this release. Anyway, The Metro asked Amy Sedaris to list her guilty pleasures. She responded by saying, "The Lifetime Network and Vicodin" ...My kind of girl!


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