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Sunday, September 12, 2004

A Laura Nyro Kind of Day, but Juliette Lewis is Singing --- And All The Bloggers I Wanna Meet!

The weather is gorgeous again, but a bit warmer than yesterday. Still, it is nice enough that I dared to take Dusty back out for a long walk. She did not put our lives into jeopardy today. As I was sitting with Dusty running around me I realized that today was the kind of pretty lazy day for listening to Laura Nyro. We have a friend who LOVES Patti LaBelle and, now that I think about it, I do think Ms. Nyro did some work with LaBelle in the 70's. I could be confused. David -- Are you out there to confirm?

Anyway, when we got back to the condo I went to put on Ms. Nyro, but instead decided to finally put on the new Prodigy CD. The reviews in the UK have not been good, but I am really enjoying it! And -- Juliette Lewis sings on it!!!! Cool! I was thinking, if Sandy Dennis had been born in the late 60's or very early 70's she, too, would have more than likely formed a band. Anyway, Juliette and Prodigy are rocking my afternoon. Maybe I will listen to Nyro later --- because this really isn't a Prodigy kind of day. I forced myself to put my Funny Lady CD away --- I don't know why I have been listening to it so much!

Karl returns this evening. I have been missing him and Dusty has been so sad. She runs about the apartment sniffing anything that has his scent on it. Also, and this is sad, but I can't seem to find things in the kitchen. I needed foil and looked all over without any luck ---- however I stubmbled across it this morning. It was in a drawer. Seems like an odd place to keep foil. I would have it in a cabinet, but then again --- I tend not to venture into kitchens very often. Anyway, I have not been able to find Dusty's canned puppy food and she misses it. I had to pick up that scary stuff by GravyTrain or some off the shelf brand. God knows what is in that shit. She ate some at bkfst, but will not touch her lunch.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Fash Mag Slag Blog! last night. A very intelligent fellow who is quite knowledgeable regarding life --- with a great sense of humor. My hope is that I my intellect is in gear while in NYC because this is a smart man! Anyway, I hope to meet up with him later in the week when I am in New York. He is going to show me some kick ass dim sum and I think he, my brother and myself might go check out the Terry Richardson Show in SoHo. Also, someone needs to help me find Other Music! I can't remember where it is located! Better check on line! I also hope to meet Blog Stalker! I have not yet talked live with him, but I think we are going to try to meet up one of the evenings after I see a play. Should be fun. I do not think I have ever met any other bloggers other than my pal, Jen, who is the person that introduced the world of blogging to me in the first place!

I still have not met Willwhich is really pretty sad as we live in the same general area of New England! Karl and I hope to change that soon and make some plans to hang with Will and Fritz. Oh, and Will gave me a brief history of one of the plays,THE FROGS, I am seeing next week when in NYC. I did some searching on the WWW and it is very interesting to see how long it has taken for this work to find its way to the stage. I am a bit worried as Nathan Lane badly injured his leg during a performance last week. Knowing my luck, Dom DeLuis will be his stand in or something. Ugh!

And, sooner or later I will get my ass to England and meet Tim! I also want to get Thomas up here for a visit! Thomas --- you know who you are, mister! It would also be cool to meet Under Ling and it would be cool if Tony decided to come to Boston to minister!

I would also like to meet Hot Toddy and Famous Author Rob. However, I fear I am not glam enough! Speaking of glam, is it me or do you not agree that this individual lives the most fun and exciting life of all time?!?!

Well, I guess it is time for some sweet blindness and maybe a stoned soul picnic. Wouldn't have been cool if the Pizzicato 5 had recorded a cover of "Time and Love" or "Wedding Bell Blues"?!?!? Wow! I am link happy today!


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