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Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Dentist Wants "To Do" Me

...still! As I sat in the lobby waiting to go thru my 3 hour root canal procedure and feeling nauseous from the anti-biotics I have to take whenever I have a dental procedure. Anyway, my dentist comes into the lobby, slips off his dental gloves, sits down by me and proceeds to chat me up. Now, this does do wonders for my self-esteem which has been a bit low as of late. As he gets up, he touches my left knee and tells me that he will be finishing up early and if I want to hang around we could chat. I declined explaining that my root canal procedure was slated for 3 hours and I doubted I would feel like hanging out. Plus, I was feeling fairly sick to my stomach.

Then I go upstairs and this root canal lady examines my tooth, sighs and says, "Hon, you don't need a root canal" ...she had a little assistant dressed in the same red outfit, and she said to him, "Make a note --- I need to talk to Dr. X. She is root canal happy and she is wasting our time." She then put my cap back on with permanent cement. Cool!

I was thinking I could head back to work ---- and, then it happened. I barely made it to their restroom and tossed my cookies into the toilet. I hate anti-biotics. So, I came home, showered and held Dusty.

Am feeling better now and drinking soda which is really quite healthy!

And my long weekend starts tonight --- I plan on seeing "Brown Bunny" tomorrow afternoon. Mainly because I wanna see Chole Sevingy blow Vincent Gallo. Art or pornography? I shall be the judge tomorrow at the Kendall Square Cinema with a horde of little old ladies. Why are there always so many old people at the Kendall and why do they opt to see movies like this one where they gasp and hide their eyes? It actually makes the viewing all the more fun.

Oh, I wish I could fast forward to the middle of September and just get my fat ass to NYC to chill out!

Oh yeah, and I purchased a new CD Walkman because my other was skipping a lot. This is the Sony Atrac3Plus Model #D-NS505. I like it, but am having trouble figuring out how to make it work. I guess I will have to read the manual. Anyway, it came with software for MP3 so I guess that means it can download music. Tim --- Are you out there? Jon --- Are you out there? Guidance, please! I know not what to do.


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