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Monday, September 13, 2004

The Further Adventures of Fatty...

There is a very old and quite respected restaurant in Boston called Locke Ober --- I am not quite sure I am spelling it correctly. Anyway, it was a "gentleman's club" for years and finally decided to get a grip and became a restaurant open to all. I guess that this happened years ago. Anyway, it ain't cheap and I have always wanted to try it. I had a business dinner there tonight and I LOVED it! Now, I am not a big fan of beef, but I had some sort of angus steak thing --- anyway I have to say that the meal ranks up with one of the best I have had. Maybe part of it was finally getting in and trying it.

The funny thing is that the others at the meeting were disappointed in the quality of service and food. ...Yet I was happy as a clam ---- and this was reflected when I assigned the tip! Great meal. Ah, well. Fatty is as Fatty does! lol!


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