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Monday, September 20, 2004

Taking A Bite Outta The Big Apple or My Adventures in NYC!

I am back from NYC! I had a great time, tho I have come to the realization that I really do not enjoy traveling alone. I prefer to have someone to hang with while on vacation --- even if it is only for a long weekend. I got a little lonely.

However, I did get to meet Jon of Fash Slag Mag fame! By the way --- note to all hot, intelligent, humorous and adventurous men of Manhattan --- He is a hottie! Someone better grab him up while the grabbin' is good! It was really fun meeting him. We met up after I saw Nathan Lane in FROGS (which I quite enjoyed!) --- Anyway, Jon guided me to an exceptional Korean restaurant, but I wasn't really hungry for dinner. I craved chocolate, sugar and soda. So after dinner we ended up at a real dive. Had bad pastry, soda and chatted for hours! I failed to take his picture! Oh well. Trust me, he is one handsome man!! And, a very smart and sweet one as well!

I failed miserably at meeting Charlie of BlogStalker fame ---- I think I got his cell number wrong! Ugh! ...and, I could not think of where he is currently tending bar so I couldn't even drop in on him. Oh, and my cell phone sucked the whole time I was in Manhattan. It seems to be working now. I had also wanted to meet Famous Author Rob Byrnes, but he was off to see Brady in DC by the time I arrived. I was planning on talking him into giving me a signed copy of his book, TRUST FUND BOYS ---which you all need to read ASAP! Ah, well the plans of mice and bloggers.

Now, I do not mean to offend anyone and as art is completely subjective --- I am sure that there is merit to this production. ...but I HATED the LION KING!!!! I mean I just hated it. The Julie Taymore visuals and puppetry were quite impressive. ...for about 10 minutes. I had an excellent seat, but was surrounded by old people and small children. The music was just sort of cheezy to me. And, then, the play bothered me in the same way as had the movie. The bad guys were represented by an obviously "gay" lion and a group of hyenas who were obviously African Americans speaking in the normal street slang of Hip Hop. The lions and animals played by African Americans spoke as if they were noble Englishmen or something. I find it racist and homophobic. Anyway, I left at intermission.

I LOVED Nathan Lane in FROGS! This was playing at Lincoln Center --- The Met. You know, where Cher meets Nic Cage after her glam make over in Moonstruck! Anyway, on my way to the pay I danced around the sign posters ala That Girl!, but no one seemed to take notice of my glorious impression. Oh well. Anyway, the play was quite funny but very political. Seemed that half the people there loved it and the other half hated it. ...It was very pro-left wing/democratic.

I had my first "stereotypical NY moment" after FROGS. I hailed down a cab and as I opened the door a guy tried to jump in and steal it from me! It was like something out of a bad movie. I held the door and said, "Fuck you!" ....he looked stunned and said, "What?" and I replied, "Fuck you --- this is my cab! Get the fuck out!" ...and he did! Yay for me! I didn't get beat up or anything!

Let's see --- I visited with my brother and his girlfriend, but not as much as I would have liked to. They didn't really want me to see the neighborhood in which they live --- so I didn't get to see it. Hmmm...

I did spot 2, and maybe 3 celebs! The actor who broke my hear in LONG TIME COMPANION as the man who helped his lover let go and die. I can't think of his name, but he was also the original WILLARD. Anyway, he was in the audience at FROGS. Am pretty sure it was him. I also am fairly certain I saw the cute "HR guy" from Boy Meets Boy --- or whatever it was called. You know, the reality show where the gay guy had to pick out who was gay and who was straight? Anyway, the guy who was the contestant. I saw him. I guess he is appearing in some off, off B'way play or something. And, I think Roy and I saw Mobby in SoHO. OH! And I saw the Naked Cowboy who noticed me taking his pix and screamed, "What is your name?" to me. I answered and he said, "Ladies, please watch out I need to strike my special pose for my gay fans --- this look is for Matt!" ...he raised his arm and made a face of some sort. It was funny. I will have my pix developed tomorrow. Will make Karl help me get them all posted to my photo album.

I spent lots and lots of money that I shouldn't have! Mainly on DVD's and CD's that I would never find here! And I purchased a pair of Mauvais jeans because they were called "Matt" jeans. Made me laugh. Purchased two new colognes: Angel for Men which I really like and that new Burberry scent.

Oh, and a shop keeper showed me a signed Funny Girl Play Bill that Babs signed for him at the backstage in the early 60's when he was a teen. Neat-O --- Sort of like the Gay Holy Grail.

And, now, drum roll please ----- I treated myself to a pedicure! It was at a place called "Nails by Jean-Marc" ---- all of these old ladies were working there. It was fucking awesome! They were amused at how excited I was to watch the whole process. Not to be gross, but you would not believe the junk that they removed from my poor feet! The manager noted that I probably lost a pound per foot! lol! It was amazing and my feet are so soft and nice looking. Karl seemed unimpressed, but what are ya going to do?

It is nice to be home. Dusty must have missed me because she has wanted me to hold her all day. ...and I have. I love my baby Dusty. ...tho, she really needs a bath and a brushing. Tomorrow --- it is back to work! Fun! Not!


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