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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Well, I made the trek over to Post Street today to see the specialist regarding my many nosebleeds which are attributed to that fun genetic blood disorder, HHT. Gotta love it! Ugh. Anyway, I had to have two surgeries to stop nosebleeds before. Not too much fun. After the last surgery in 2004 I was warned that I might need another if the nosebleeds were to start again. Well, they started again about 4 months ago. So, this was the third doctor I've seen regarding the HHT this year and I shall be having one of those full body scans where they put you in the tube. Can't wait. I liked this doctor. I think I liked him mostly because he gave me good news. The two spots way up inside my nasal cavities that had required surgery were fine and not the cause of my many nosebleeds of late. Instead I had six new little ones in my left nostril and two in my right. These are tiny cluster of blood vessels that will opt to bleed whenever the mood strikes them -- which has been fairly often. When this has happened in public I usually just pretend that the person with whom I am hanging has just slugged me. This usually causes a bit of confusion but makes me laugh. Only Ing has been able to catch that ball and run with it. In fact, the last time this happened she chased me up Valencia in the Mission. At least I think that is where we were. Anyway, it was much fun excepting that I bleed all over my OP hoodie. But, with Ing's fast advice at the Mexican restaurant I was able to get the blood out. But, I digress.

Anyway, the only thing that can really be done is to have the little clusters of blood vessels cortorized (sp?) ---- so I shall detail what this all entails.

First the doctor sprays this stuff way up your nostrils and in the back of your throat. I get extra dosages because I toss my cookies at the drop of a hat. Anyway, this spray is interesting because it totally numbs the inside of your nose and the back of the throat out. And, I think, because I am given so much --- it makes the whole of my face numb. So, all I can feel from the top of my nose down are my lips and inside my mouth. Odd sensation. Then, the doctor puts on these really strange glasses that are connected to these two rubber cords which have a tiny light at the end. I think it is sort of like a scope or a camera --- Anyway, I open my mouth, breath thru my nose and stick out my tongue. Sort of like giving porn-head only my clothes are on and it isn't at all exciting.

...So, the tubes go up both nostrils --- all the way up and you feel a sort of pressure behind the eyes and then just when you think your eyes might pop out -- the cords go down the back of your throat. He found these new clusters and cortorized them all right then and there this morning. I was so numb it didn't hurt at all but he packed up my nose and told me to go home and take it easy for the next 5 to 6 hours. I couldn't have gone to work anyway as I was so attractive with the nose packing -- which upon coming out left me with a really disgusting running nose. Oddly, as my face was numb for a couple of hours I would be unaware it was running. Pretty!!!

So, I've spent the day slumming about B's place. I got bored. I cleaned it. And --- he brought me a way cool drag cow statue. She is standing up and in a Vegas show girl outfit! I love it!!! It reminds me of a similar one I got for Milly a while back.

This was my day. I have higher hopes for tomorrow! But, no surgery! Now, if I can just get my ass in gear and set the appointment for the full body scan. ...which I really hate doing. Not so much because of doing it but because of my fear of what they might fine. I mean, do I even really want to know if a cluster of these things shows up in the centre of my brain. I am not so sure I do. HHT. Fun stuff. But, it could be oh so much worse. My brother has it as well but opts to not do anything about it. But, I am the Cloud of Worry so I must explore and find out!

And, how was everyone's Thursday!?!?!


Blogger ing said...

God, that sounds scary! I haven't gone to the doctor for a couple of years because I don't want to know what they're going to find. The last time they said I had high cholesterol, and for a while I was really really good about my diet. But then my life fell apart and I stopped trying, and now I'm afraid it's dangerously high again! Arrrrgh!

I hope everything's okay. I stopped by your building on Wednesday, since I was in the area (I visited the Museum of Craft and Design, which is right up the street). I found your floor, but then I got lost and confused & thought maybe I was on the wrong floor. So I went two floors up and wandered around for a while. Then I gave up and went back to the parking garage and wandered around looking for my car. After that, of course, I got lost driving around. . .

Yo, if you had long hair in that pic, you'd look like SUCH a hippie!

12:12 AM  
Blogger Metalchick said...

Hi Matt,
How terrible! I hate it when I get nosebleeds, I can never remember if you're supposed to put your head down or up. I hope yours stop!
On the brighter side, I just added your link to my list of bloggers!

3:18 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

A nosebleed surgery??? That sounds kinda scary to me. When I was a little kid, around age 3 or 4, I had frequent nosebleeds and they would take place at any time even when I was sound asleep. Then I got better at predicting it when I felt this slight lump of moisture building near my throat. My mom of course freaked out at my unwarned nosebleeds as I was about to start school. So the doctor performed some kind of same-day procedure to tighten up my membranes which he thought were too delicate and were conducive to bleeding. So from kindergarden up to P4 (primary 4) I was exempt from PE and any physical extracurricular activities!

9:41 AM  
Blogger Brookelina said...

I heart you Mattie, but I want you to stop this incessant nosebleeding at once! It just won't do!

5:25 AM  
Blogger matty said...

Ing --- I will go with you for your check-up. I know you're as healthy as can be but it is just a good idea to stay in touch with your physical health. Knowledge is power. Right? I'm sorry you got lost at our bldg, but I love you for it. We are twins -- you know this, right? I would so do the same thing. I miss you, missy. Oh, and I refuse to accept that I am a hippie. I don't have enough hair.

Metalchick! Thank you! I need to add you as well and shall!!!! Yay! I think the best thing to do for a nosebleed according to the doctors I've talked with his to apply a cold icepack and put your head back. ...but then you taste the blood and if you're me that makes you toss cookies. SO -- I say plug it up with a big wad of Kleenex and roam about San Francisco blaming Ing for sucker punching you in the nose. It's cool and kinda funny --- and Ing totally plays along!

matt --- I JUST got your vmail. No SI this weekend, I don't think. Lots going on thus far but I shall call if it slows down and you do same!!! Is your boy back home yet??!? OK. so how does one tighten up a membrane?!?!?

Brooke! Awwww, thanks! I am trying to stop it but I had a very small one this morning. Most annoying after all that. Oy. Oh well. It could be a lot worse!

1:24 PM  
Blogger joe said...

ack. that sounds awful. I have nosebleeds too, but only when it's dry.

hope it's all okay. we want our matty all safe and good. though it is entertaining to read.... hmmm.. okay we want our matty to be safe but highly entertaining.

7:03 AM  
Blogger Karyn said...

Can I just tell you there is not enough sedative in San Francisco for me to go through that procedure the way you have described it.

Absofrigginlutely not.

As in NO.

You're one tough cookie, Matt.

Glad it was good news. Bout time.

1:59 PM  

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