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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

...and, some are the absolute coolest.

...so many cool things and so little room to post the images.


Blogger Matt said...

Two things-the guy in 9 1/2 Weeks, of which I have the unedited dvd, looks awful these days. He must be doing some kinda drugs. Richard Gere is always, always hot. :)

Btw I feel really flattered by the fact that your friend found me cute *blush* Is his name Alan?

I might be at SI later on, I've got a date with this guy I just met--other than skin color, we have 90% in common! :)

11:52 AM  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

Oh yes, these cool things, some of them made me hot...tee hee!

I can't believe how much "culture" we have in common. I mean, that Led Zepplin Album, I lived by it..... &Tommy, of course.
Richard Gere in BREATHLESS....ah....don't get me started.
Now, I never noticed how similar Iggy Pop looks to Anthony Keidis (SP sucks, sorry).

I travel a long way to get here, but I am always glad I do. :)

6:22 PM  
Blogger ing said...

Oooh, Iggy Pop is HOT!!

Matty, that thing you told me about the piano? That broke my heart a little bit. That, and the shirt you were wearing tonight. You look so sweet in pink! I feel like a heel.

Don't worry about it. Just let me feel it.

Matty, I will be your friend forever and ever. I hope I made the right choice. I'm just not sure. I made the easy choice -- the one, I mean, that was easiest for me. But I'm not sure if that's really what's important to me. I'm really confused these days. Does it show?

10:44 PM  
Blogger matty said...

matt -- I think Mickey Rourke ruined his face from way too much boxing and then way too much plastic surgery to correct that damage. Sad, but man, he was hot back in the day --- and, I still think he's cool. Yeah, Richard Gere is always hot, but he was most hot in BREATHLESS... Yes! That's Alan! Drop me an email! Hope the date went well. I should make it to SI sometime this weekend!!!

Lzygrl - Yay! No two better albums to live by! I had never thought about it, but you're totally right! Mr. K looks a good deal like Iggy! I'm glad you make the trip!!

Ing -- Iggy -- mmmmm, delicious! Oh, I never meant to make you feel bad!!!! And, sometimes the "easier" choice is the right one. And, no, it doesn't show --- all I see is beauty and my best friend.

11:09 PM  
Blogger Brookelina said...

I see penis.

9:19 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

Richard Gere was very hot in Breathless indeed--I've got to dig it out from the pile and watch it. :)

The date went almost *too* well (see my post today)--I broke lots of rules for first date. So is Alan single too? :)

12:22 PM  
Blogger matty said...

Brooke! I am so glad that someone took note of my artistic decision to include cock on my blog! LOL!

matt! Yay! Can't wait to read it! And, yes, Mr. Alan is single and thus far Ing has not made him into a cake.

7:31 PM  
Blogger Metalchick said...

Hi Matt,
I've seen Jawbreaker, good movie, but Tommy is my favorite. Roger is so hot in that movie and he still looks hot today!
Is that nude picture Iggy? Wow! he has a great body! and a nice cock!;)

12:39 AM  

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