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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Soft-core Lesbian Sex Can Be Fun!!!

Now, for a man, I am about as gay as they come. However, even I got a hard-on when I first saw some Catherine Deneuve on Susan Sarandon action in THE HUNGER. I was 15 and my pal was 16 ---- we dressed up in hopes of securing tix to see the movie which we knew featured our idols of the 80's, David Bowie and Bauhaus. Nothing could prepare us for the coolness which unfolded before our stoned and fragile eyes. THE HUNGER is one of the all time coolest movies ever made -- so I was all excited upon receiving it via UPS today!

...Bela LaGosi's dead. ...undead, undead. Awesome movie!

Thus far my anus seems to be OK and Dusty is acting more normal toward me this evening. I made her eat 3 breath-enhancing doggie biscuits last night and drink lots of water. So, I guess her licks are OK. ...just don't bend over to pick up the soap!


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