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Saturday, October 21, 2006


The fine art of killing rats, burns, the torture of snails, the oppressive nature of Shirley Temple and the fact that one thing is not like another all came together last night when Ing treated me and B to an incredible evening at San Francisco's Castro Theatre. After a lovely serenade from the historic organ we were treated to an indepth slide show and reading from the Infamous Crispin Glover. He read from the books he "wrote" back in the 80's and early 90's --- he read from 8 of these books, I believe. It was quite funny and absurd. The best part of the reading was from his most famous book -- the one about rat killing. A real movie star despite what he might want us to believe -- Mr. Glover filled the tiny stage in front of the huge screen at The Castro and held a sold out audience at full attention as he read. I think all three of us agreed that Crispin Glover is quite hot. However, I think all three of us might view his hotness in different ways. I see him as a rather dapper kink-meister of some potential. I believe Ing sees him as handsome and I think B sees him as quite hot. As he is straight, Ing is the only one of the three who had a shot. She was on a dare last night to ask Mr. Glover for a date. Sadly, a quick Internet search revealed that he is engaged to a surprisingly Hollywood startlett-ie type actress. But, she had composed a really cool little note which she intended to hand to Mr. Glover. Something held Ing back from doing this. I am not sure what. However, it could have something to do with the film he has devoted five years of his life to creating.

The film is called WHAT IS IT? and we saw it in all of its glory followed by a VERY lengthy question/answer session after the screening. Humble, intelligent and open --- Crispin Glover patiently answered a number of lame questions about whether or not he felt his film exploited his actors (most of whom are Down Syndrome adults) --- I write "lame" because if one actually watches the film it is impossible to miss the fact that he is not exploiting his actors at all. If anything, he may be the first filmmaker to actually treat the topic of "special people" with something that has been seriously lacking: reality. They are people. In Glover's film they are acting in a surreal world of oppression and fascism but they are given the opportunity to function as adults with human feelings. No goose bumps or silly line readings about needing hugs, cookies and giggles. No, kids -- this isn't an ABC 1970's After-School Special or a spoof of one. This is a true art film inspired by the likes of Werner Herzog, Fassbinder and Bunuel. It was an amazing film intent on making the audience uncomfortable and a bit disoriented. My only criticism is the use of music by The Charles Manson Family and the cruel depiction of snail killing. I would have liked the film to better represent why this was being done so much. I'm not a lazy thinker but I did find some of the symbology a bit muddy and confused.

Anyway, it crossed my mind that Ing might not want to date someone who would create such nightmarish worlds. So, she didn't act on the dare. She showed us the note. I loved it. And, if she had given it to him, I am certain he would have contacted her. I asked her if I could have it so that I might share some of it with the few people who read my bit of space. She gave it to me. Now, some hours later, I don't think I want to share it with you. It seems too private. So, I have scanned the outside of it and it now lives safely in my memory box. A box which brims over with things from my past that matter to me. Ing matters to me and I love the little note she wrote to Crispin Glover.

Yeah, this was a night to remember.


Blogger ing said...

I would have asked him out, but I had a couple of concerns. One, I'm afraid that famous people are always being asked out by fans who think they know them because they've seen the star's art. This might get a little creepy or depressing after a while. I wouldn't want to make Mr. Glover uncomfortable. Two, I think Me. Glover is engaged (to someone who doesn't appear to be anything like me at all). Three, I was pretty worn out from the food poisoning thing the previous night & didn't want to wait in line after that long question-and-answer. And four, I wonder if Mr. Glover would be such a good choice for me. It's true, he seems kinky and dapper and very handsome, but his L.A. famous-guy lifestyle is SO different from mine. And right now I'd love to meet a pillar of stability and strength. I wonder if Crispin needs that, too. I'm afraid I need someone I could lean on rather than someone I should guide. But I was willing to give it a shot, just to practice asking a guy out! I love brilliant, creative types.

I agree that the actors were not exploited, though I was a little shocked by the man in the shell until I heard that he had all his faculties and, I assume, was well aware and in full consent of what was happening to him.

Those poor snails! I LOVED the fact that we got to hear the snail's thoughts and reactions. And the stuff about the key -- VERY lovely!


3:01 PM  
Blogger ing said...

Oops -- that was more than a couple of concerns.

3:02 PM  
Blogger matty said...

Ing - Those were a number of concerns! But, it is/was a lovely little note. Yeah, there seems to be a level of superficiality to those movie people which I find quite worrying. Well, we are both aware of how I feel about that. But, still, I would have loved to hear what it might be like to share a milk shake with Crispin Glover at the Pinecrest Diner. I venture to say it would be quite interesting!

Oh! And, the countdown is on to Bonnie Prince Billy's new movie -- just a few hours away! Did you know that he appeared in the TV movie about that little girl who fell down the well. Jessica someone? Remember her? He was in the TV movie about it! How funny this strikes me.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

I'm getting pretty burned out on famous people types these days myself. Even though he looks like it would be super fun to be tied up by him. And then have him do outRageous things all over...Oops, I'm fine now, thanks.
I'd love to get the chance to see that film.
ciao bebe

7:10 PM  
Blogger matty said...

Daniel! Hot date in the desert!!!

...but, yeah, dating movie people is difficult.

8:20 PM  
Blogger Me said...

hmmm, you have to be able to see my face right now. I've just read your shit, donut and dentistry post so my my lips are kind of pursed and my nose is wrinkled up in a way that might have been cute once but now is just sore looking. Crispin Glover. I just never know how to take him. Mostly I think he's brilliant in that way that autistic kids are often brilliant. Completely socially awkward but crazily bright. Ad for Ing dating him, I imagine him really needy and whining for attention a lot
"Ing, could you pour me some tea?"
"Ing, could you run to the store and get my lithium for me?"
And I'll bet he's a sigher. Sigh.

10:50 PM  

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