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Sunday, October 08, 2006


Look! This was Ing's house warming gift for me & B!!!! Isn't it way cool?!?!? And, I LOVE the way B "framed" it. I plan to douse it all in glitter and sort of further Goldfrapp it soon. I love this object o' art!!! Just wanted to share the beauty of it with ya! Are these antlers real you might be asking. Hmmmm... Only Ing knows for sure and I don't think she is telling.

Before I share a bit of an upcoming cinematic adventure with the Magical Ingrid, I will tell you that B and I finally saw the new film from John Cameron Mitchell, SHORT BUS. B loved it immediately. I had to think about it and am now dying to see it again to absorb it a bit more. It most definitely made me think and offered some challenges. I think I loved it. However, my goal is to talk Ing into seeing it with me this Wednesday night. I really want to see it again and get her perspective. And, I would like yours. So, if you've seen it --- please share your thoughts. I remember back in 2001 when John Cameron Mitchell announced that he was going to be making a porn film with true plot/character development and non-professional actors. He set up a website and requested that anyone who could be in NY to make a movie send in tapes that would include graphic feats of sexuality. I thought he was nuts. Last year, a friend of mine saw the finished product at Sundance and told me it was an amazing film. This same friend told me that JCM had told him that his goal was to make a film that would make one both come and cry. Hmmmm......one of my fave moments from a string of powerful moments in SHORT BUS.

Well, the film did not make me come or cry. However, it did touch me. And, I think I saw a bit of myself in the main character. ...and, also in a few of the others. I have mixed feelings about the mainstreaming of the porn-ethic. To me, once porn becomes something that we can all see at the mall it will lose a great deal of what it is meant to be.

However, SHORT BUS is not an art house porn film. It is an art house film about humanity. Specifically, the United States human animal. And there can be no truly meaningful study of human nature without serious mediation on sex, war, food and culture. SHORT BUS is focused on human need for connection to itself and to others. Sex is more than getting off. If you didn't know that you really should be on a short bus. I know that this film is not likely to secure screenings in the Red States or small town America. However, if you live near a large city or are in Canada/UK/France -- you should most definitely check it out. Yes, the sex is real and it is graphic. But, it is on the screen for a reason. His new film works. And, I think, he may have created an important cinematic work. See it. I dare you.

A week from Thursday B and I are joining Ing for an on-stage performance by Crispin Glover at The Castro Theatre to be followed by a screening of his long-delayed film, WHAT IS IT? ...I fear Ing and I will be horrified by what we see but we are both compelled to see it. It will most definitely be a cinematic adventure. And, how often does one get to see Crispin in the flesh reading from his books?!?!?
Also, is it me or isn't he oddly sexy??!?!?! How many of you remember "Clowney Clown Clown" ???? Ah, gotta love Mr. Glover!

Here a sneak peak of his "little" movie:


Blogger ing said...

Now that is a scary scream! There's a track like that on the new Bonny Prince Billie album -- some scary, bloodcurdling screams, while a fluglehorn plays in the background. (The narrator of the song has just murdered his new wife while on honeymoon in Barcelona. Threw her out a window.)

ANYWAY, yes, I want to see Short Bus! Yes!

And that frame looks so great! I cannot say for sure whether the antlers are real or not. I am sworn to secrecy.

6:48 PM  
Blogger The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

I love those antlers! I just read about a new Goldfrapp release (U.S. only, you lucky bastards). It's called We Are Glitter and seems to be a collection of remixes from Supernature. I'm not sure whether they're the same as the ones on the singles, though. Well, hope you have a good week. And that frame is really just perfect.

10:13 AM  
Blogger ginab said...

Couldn't watch the clip and I wonder if it has to do with Google, and then I wonder who would shoot a four point buck, unless someone doubled, four on each side, its points and blew to bits an eight point stag. I'd say: not in San Francisco. Nope.

Neato prezzie by all means.

Short Bus:that guy wouldn't make me c. I think it's his raggedy trunks. How about sticking them in with the new rinse away gray clothes in the wash once more? Just an idea. Keep on and they'll be coal black. Then maybe, MAYBE, I'd c.


7:42 PM  
Blogger matty said...

Ing! Shortbus tomorrow night! I can't wait to see what you think. Everyone loves our antlers!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!

Electric Orchid Hunter - Thanks! Ing has fantastic taste! YES! I am all excited about the new Goldfrapp release! I posted about it a month or so ago. There will be two new remixes -- the rest I have but the CD cover is way cool and totally Goldfrapp so I will have to have it.

Gina! Yeah, I am still not sure these antlers are real. Ing will not tell me. She promised that they will bring us magic power but I still need to toss some glitter on them. The non-actors in Short Bus are not all that attractive. They look very real and normal. By the film's end I found them all to be attractive. I cared about the characters. That seldom happens in cinema anymore. I hope it plays there and you can see it. Great film!

8:19 PM  
Blogger Kalvin said...

My god, your tastes are so intellectual! I'll have to look into the short bus.

1:30 PM  
Blogger matty said...

Kalvin -- Not sure I am "intellectual" tho I like to pretend to be so -- but, yeah! Check out Short Bus!!!

11:14 PM  

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