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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Please take note of that odd hole punched in my old driver's license from the state of Massachusetts! It is there because it is no longer valid. Yes, I am now a complete and total citizen of California and am licensed driver AND voter in this state of sunshine and this City By The Bay filled with fog! My low beams are on! True, I am quite possibly the World's Worst Driver and have no plans of driving much but I didn't want to lose my ability to drive if I should want to do so! When I was living in Salem, MA I had a car. I had 4 wrecks in one month. In my defense, only 3 of those wrecks were my fault. Anyway, I passed my test today and will be receiving my new license in the mail soon.

...You think the picture from MA is bad -- you should see the new CA one. I look like a human about to morph into a Muppet. And, for some reason, I tilted my head to the left and looked past the DMV camera up to right. You know. As if I had been posed by some lame Sears portrait photographer waiting for her lunch break. Go figure. Still, I can continue to drive if anyone will loan me his/her car. I don't think B is likely to let me drive his pretty Honda Element -- but, quite honestly, I don't want to drive it. I wonder if Ing will let me drive her car sometime. Hmmmm...

So, the test was filled with questions which I felt were sort of tricky. For instance, I didn't know how much or how old a kid should be to require a child harness. ....In the state of California that would be 5 years old and 55 lbs. I also thought it was cool to have .08% blood alcohol concentration. It is not. I thought .10% was not cool. It is, apparently, pretty cold at that point. Oh, and I guess you have to break for the elderly when they cross the street. (just kidding)

I chatted with the lady who graded my test. She was sweet.

There were some interesting souls at the DMV today. There are a lot of interesting souls in San Francisco but a good number of them were at the DMV today. I was in line behind this cute girl of about 45 who had really interesting hair. Her name was "Margaret" but she was changing it to "Summer Dove Breeze" --- the guy at the desk didn't seem at all phased. She handed her info/papers to him and I do believe she will be Summer Dove Breeze within 60 days. She is an artiste.

I'm meeting up with Ing to see a movie at The Castro about Filipino transgender'd folks in Isreal living with Hasidic Jews. Should be interesting. I wonder what sort of adventurous trouble Ing and I will get into tonight! Hmmmmm....


Blogger Kalvin said...

Congratulations on becoming a full resident of San Fran Sicko! You all should really come out and hang out with us on one of our semi-regular meetings at badlands (not my choice of venue). And I love the DMV. So frightening.

6:07 PM  
Blogger Joshua said...

Congrads on your acclimation!

8:26 PM  
Blogger ing said...

Trouble!?!?! Does eating greasy food count as risky behavior?

Okay, I'm going to check on that Crispin Glover thang. From what I saw of the preview, it's going to be creeeeeeepy.

And DO NOT FORGET -- we HAVE to see the Bonnie Prince Billy movie!

Oh, and here's a link to that BPB video I told you about. It's pretty sad and disturbing, if you think about the words. But I like that Will Oldham really tries to get at ideas that are tough to express. . .

Anyway, I sure had fun with you tonight. And I feel the same way about you, exactly.

10:25 PM  
Blogger Topher said...

Oh wow, congratulations on being a full pledged Californ-i-an. I miss Cali!! I'll be back again one day. My dad's trying to get me to come this Kristmas but we'll see.. Oh Krist, I meant Christmas heehee.. Hugs

1:50 PM  
Blogger ginab said...


Congratulations Matty. You passed with sparks. But what are you saying about Ing's car exactly? I sense a tone to tug at the shoudlers, to get dear Ing to cave-in. It's true, her car is no Honda Element so go ahead, bang it up.

I probably wouldn't let you drive my car matty, given; then you wouldn't want to given it needs a tie rod lickety-split.


9:16 AM  
Blogger matty said...

Kalvin - Thank you!!! I would so love to join for the semi-regular meetings! Any chance you guys might change to a different club/bar?!?!? And, Yes! The DMV is so frightening and way cool! Seems to always be something going down!!!

Joshua --Thank you! I am so excited to be a legal Californian!! Now, I just need to help rid the state of Arnold! LOL!

Ing - Oh, no. I think greasy food is actually good for you. Crispin Glover --- here we come!!! Are you going to storm the stage for a date?!?! I am dying to see the Bonnie Prince Billy movie and will be checking out this vidclip ASAP! (I'm at work at the moment!) ...However, I am also dying to see SHORT BUS!!!! And, as always, I had a great time with you, too!!! I love ya, kiddo!

Kris! I think we should call it Kristmas in your honor! I hope you come back soon! Look forward to actually meeting you on your next trip! We have to plan it better!

Gina! Thank you!!! Hey! Ing said I could drive her car!!!! But, I don't think I will. I am such a bad driver and it would kill me if I hurt it! I will just stay the passenger. It is more fun, anyway. I have a blast zooming about with Miss Ing --- we have adventures! I do so hope you will come for a visit sometime soon! Am dying to meet ya!!!

3:27 PM  
Blogger ing said...

Zooming? If by zooming you mean getting hopelessly lost, yes, that's how I drive.

Ginab is a great driver. When I lived in MI, I totaled my car, so Ginab drove me all over the place -- I will always be grateful for that. Seventeen degrees in the winter and no beer. She always came to my rescue.

I would let you drive my car, Matty, but ONLY if you promised not to wreck it. I learned last night that for a woman walking around the dark neighborhoods of downtown San Fran alone, a car = safety and freedom.

But lordy, it's expensive! I just got a $100 parking ticket. I'm working next Saturday to help make up for it, and hopefully a couple more to come. D'oh!

4:30 PM  
Blogger Karyn said...

Summer Dove Breeze.

Sounds like a feminine freshness product which softens skin and due to the high rum content, will get you drunk.

What the.

5:04 AM  
Blogger Tim said...

How come you didn't take advantage of the chance to change your name as well Matty? 'Miss Babs II" or something?? I'm sure B wouldn't mind too much!!

3:57 PM  

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