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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Gay Men Rule!!!

I was just invited to join this blogging community ---
  • Gay Men Rule!I am so excited! It's cool to be asked to add my ideas to the mix! Check it out! Anyway, just put up my first post there. It was a post I was planning for here. ...Related to this photograph taken by Crawford Barton. He really captured the 70's era of The Castro in San Francisco. His work captured everything from joy to sadness to the erotic. So, I will just post the picture on my blog. It says a lot by itself. The stairs are about to be demolished. I will also add another picture taken by Mr. Barton.This one is called Steve With MaryJane. I've always liked it. Sexy and takes us back to a time when it was "bold" to pose with your pot plant. I like that.

    Oh, and I love getting emails but I hope that a few of you who read my blog will start to feel more comfortable about posting a comment here and there! I like the exchange that this creates from time to time. You know, you can still hide your identity if that is a concern!


    Blogger Kalvin said...

    I love these pictures. Especially the one with the Mary Jane...it has such an ethereal quality about it.

    8:39 PM  
    Blogger Tommy Marx said...

    I love the picture of the couple. Do you know where I could get a print of that?

    9:06 PM  
    Blogger matty said...

    Kalvin -- Yeah, isn't it a cool picture?!?! Actually, I've never seen a picture from him I didn't like.

    Tommy - No, I wish I did. I sent an email to the SF GLBT Historical Society to see if they knew anything. I know there a several books out there of his work. I believe this one appears in a collection of his Castro photos. Maybe someone will read this and know more. I am fairly certain that we lost Barton in the early 90's. Hope I'm wrong about that, but I don't think I am.

    9:14 PM  
    Blogger Sorted Lives said...

    I have just stumbled on your blog and really like it. Look forward to reading more -- and I will definately blog roll you!!

    6:08 AM  
    Blogger matty said...

    Hey Sorted!! I love your profie picture there!!! Can't wait to check your blog out! Thank for stoppin' by!

    3:04 PM  
    Blogger Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

    Hey Matt, congrats on the cool review! Awesome pic.

    3:49 PM  
    Blogger matty said...

    Daniel -- I'm blushing!

    4:59 PM  
    Blogger ginab said...

    The truly great details or facts about Barton's photographs are the stairs will never technically be demolished and the people sitting on them or kissing on them, those people live forever.


    PS: a person can't comment here anonymously or as "other", as in under a different identity (by the way). ;-) By the way, the word verification is: ufozow

    5:45 PM  
    Blogger ing said...

    I do love that pot photo, and the dude is really hot! I love men with long hair. . .

    8:34 PM  
    Blogger matty said...

    Gina -- Quite true! I like that! ...but I'm still going to have Ing take a picture of me and B kissing on the newly contsturcted steps!!!!

    Ing! Yeah, hot isn't he?!!?! Weed and long-hair'd hippie gay dudes in the mid-70's! I was born in the wrong decade!!!

    9:46 PM  
    Blogger ginab said...


    Sorry but you were born in a better decade, one that's informed. A terrible plight, remember?

    4:35 AM  
    Blogger Kelicious said...

    hey! Where are those steps?! I think we should re create it before they are torn down!

    2:32 PM  
    Blogger matty said...

    Gina -- I know. But, let me romantize a bit.

    Kelilicous -- It is Castro right by where The Patio used to be but still has the glowing neon sign that no one ever turned off!!! Now, grab a boy and go get your picture taken, quick!!!!

    8:18 PM  
    Blogger ing said...

    Okay, I'll bring my camera on Friday/Saturday night!! Remind me to recharge my batteries. . .

    8:35 PM  
    Blogger The Persian said...

    I so love that Mary Jane picture. That man is beautiful!!

    12:32 PM  
    Blogger matty said...

    The Persian -- Yeah, isn't he a dream! Great picture captured by a very talented artist.

    6:38 AM  
    Blogger Tim said...

    I love the photos you post Matt! Although I'm not 100% sure about that one of you holding your crotch ....

    5:19 PM  

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