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Monday, January 09, 2006


You never really know and one never wants to count chickens before they are egss (I am unable to remember how that saying goes) but the interview seemed to go REALLY well!!! The vibe of the office was really positive and cool. Jesus! I sound like a hippie! But it was. And, it was a one-on-one interview with the chief officer/partner/founder of the firm. It lasted just a few minutes shy of 2 hours. So, I think it was a good interview. At the conclusion I was told that there had been a total of 70 resumes received. He had scaled those down to 10 and had one more candidate to meet. He would then be scaling down to 2 candidates and have one more round of intereviews. As he shook my hand he told me that he anticipated that I would be one of the two! ???? I sure hope so as none of the firms to which I applied last week contacted me today. Oi! Fingers crossed, channeling all sorts of positive energy and keeping it upbeat!

My "gamble" with what I wore paid off. I opted for a simple pair of Gap non-pleated pants (black) with my floral print DKNY button down shirt (brown-ish) with my vintage casual sport coat. I was worried that the whole suit and tie approach might be off for this type of firm and my suit is really way too big for me anyway. When I walked off the elevator I realized that "my look" or costume for the day, perfectly matched the style of the office. ...which was quite cool.

Now, I am home. I'm listening to that NY band, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah --

whom I quite like. And, I am drinking a nice, hot and strong cup of green tea. I opted to not use my "lucky" Mickey Rourke tea cup and have moved to the new GIANT cup (Thank you, Milford!!!) I think it might be more lucky than Mickey Rourke --- and I am just unwinding with my little gargoyle watching over moi.

My visit to the doctor went fine. Tho, I was unable to convince him to give me an anti-biotic. He says that all looks good and that I should feel back to normal within a week or so and to just not "over do" -- whatever that means! Still think an anti-biotic would help! But, so it goes. On the plus, he asked me if I had been working out! I told him that if one counts walking around San Francisco and a few push-up's/sit-up's here and there, then yes --- I could be considered a total gym bunny. But, he told me that my fat index (or something like that) is 18, my heart rate and blood pressure are "perfect" and that he is quite happy with my weight -- 155lbs. Does anyone understand fat/muscle index? What does it mean? I asked but my doctor is this hyper New Age kind of guy who skips from one topic to the next quicker than I can follow. But, I think it cool that he has such long hair.

He preached about the need for me to take up yoga. blah, blah, blah. I can't do yoga. I get the giggles too easily if someone passes wind and if asked to concentrate on my breathing I seem to forget how and start to pass out and have a panic attack. Anyway, I think it was a good doctor visit. Let's hope I get insurance again really soon! At 39, I need it!!!

Last night I was a bit wired and worried so I wanted to laugh. I was going to watch my old standby's --- AbFab or Strangers With Candy, but instead decided to sit back and watch series one of GIMME GIMME GIMME. ...And, while I know they rip a lot off from Jennifer Saunders, I really enjoy it. The US has never produced anything this gay! And, one has to love Kathy Burke! I can't decide if her character is retarded or not, but I really enjoy her! It takes guts to play that part! And her co-star is great! I don't know his name, tho.

BBC America tried showing this for a while, but they cut so much out -- it didn't always make sense. Too bad. Hey, Aaron and Tim --- was this show popular in the UK? I have 3 series on DVD so I guess it must have been a sort of hit.

Oh! My pal, Milford, introduced me to the sub-culture of IKEA yesterday. It was quite interesting! Tho, Milford's eyes glazed over a lot whenever we passed anything related to kitchen "stuffs" ---- I got a kick ass GIANT tea mug for really cheap (see picture above!) and an odd pair of "house shoes" (shut up! they're comfortable and I look sexy in them!) ...but it was so odd to see so many people obsessed with lower end Sweedish desgined furnishings. ...Including my dear Milford. But it was cute to see him get so happy and giddy over the sleek designs.

It was fun! We ate at the IKEA cafe -- everything was quite little and cute. However, after we ate I was probably ready to say farewell to IKEA, but Milford was not. So, he took me on the rest of the tour which lead down to a basement full of cheap stuff. I swear people were in some sort of heaven. I was bored and began to imagine a movie where an IKEA sales girl might dance about singing 80's pop songs and an IKEA boy shopper would sing back to her via punk songs of the late 70's. You know, a sort of MOULIN ROUGE gone all Sweedish and capitalistic! Not very original, but it killed time while Milford studied the odd assortment of light fixtures and plates.

Oh, and they even have a place for one to leave his/her kids to play and be watched while one shops. It was funny because you sort of "check" your kids like you would a coat at a club. IKEA Child Check, please!

By they way, I bet anything that I lost my way cool cell phone when I checked my jacket at TrannyShack at The Stud a couple of weeks ago! That hit me while at IKEA! I tried calling The Stud today, but with no luck. Sigh.


Blogger ginab said...

Kathy Burke? The Nil By Mouth Kathy Burke? Winner at Caan Kathy Burke? I LOVE Kathy Burke.

Erm, I don't understand the fat index, but I do get lost in breathing for Pilates. I always forget: am I supposed to exhale when widening this 90 degree angle or inhale? It's an experience.

You must have a rabbit's foot in your pocket, Matty. I've had no luck with interviews. None. It's great, great, GREAT news to be told you're probably one of the two. Dress differently, as you know, for that second go round and work on guessing at questions you'll field from a few partners. That's me guessing, but I am hoping and aiming for you to win this one.


8:36 PM  
Blogger matty said...

hey ginab!

yeah, that is ms. burke! she rocks. i hadn't thought of Nil By Mouth in years! That was a harsh film! She's an incredible actress, but I enjoy her most when she is in comic mode -- which I believe is what she is known most for in the UK. She also did a really funny film where she plays a teenage boy who dreams of dj'ing at Ibiza. I forget the name of the film -- was never released in the US, but it is funny!

Wow! You do Pilates! I don't really know what that is but Madonna wrapped about it so it must be intense! Color me impressed!

Yeah, I will be planning out my wardrobe and my questions. I better make that final 2!!!! LOL!

9:43 PM  
Blogger ing said...

The Tigger outfit is really impressive. Just jazz it up with a pince nez or a top hat or some spats.

Wait, that's Mr. Peanut.

Really, though, good luck!

10:53 PM  
Blogger Karyn said...

Ok what up with the Tigger outfit? Is that YOU? Is it the guy who interviewed you? Is it the other 1 of the 2? (Because we all know you'll be The One.) What the heck?

Yoga is wonderful. I love love love doing it and can get almost to a hypnotic state with the breathing, it's so great. I confess I haven't had to deal with anyone breaking wind or I might bust up snickering too, but I urge you to look for a good fit - Kripala ? is that how it's spelled? is the kind of yoga I did and I think you would like it... I left that class feeling like a rubber band.

3:51 AM  
Blogger snarl71 said...

That was one of your most random blog postings in a while! LOL

Sounds like the interview went very well. I'll practice my reference lines in anticipation of his call.

I miss Gimme Gimme Gimme.

OH - and I think one of the cast of League of Gentleman (or whatever that show is called with the pig-faced people) was in Match Point. He's towards the end..it's a small speaknig role (as a cop, I think).

7:11 AM  
Blogger Robert said...

Best of luck to your next interview with the firm. But a 2hr interview? God, that would've killed me for sure. I have no patience at all when it comes to stuff like that. I hope you got a break in between. Oy!

So that was the first time you went to Ikea? It's a good place if one needs some 'quick' furnishings. I think I like their lighting and nic-nacks departments the best.

155? We weigh the same. yay!

8:51 AM  
Blogger Tim said...

Gimme Gimme Gimme was quite popular over here, although it was a little bit 'specialist', shall we say .... a few phrases from the show entered the public consciousness for a while though; "Any room for an ex-prozie?" and "Don't be so ridic" were favourites of people at work for a while.

Congrats on the intervew by the way! That sounds very positive. I don't want to jinx anything though, so I won't say any more.

4:14 PM  
Blogger Jon said...

155? You've lost quite a bit of weight. Congrats, but don't over do it. East a steak or 2 ;)

IKEA is fun if you are in the right mood for it- I just wish Muji would hurry up and open stores int he US- the furniture is better than IKEA, though I am a fan of something affordabe and somewhat disposable.

Did you get the Swedish meatballs at the cafe?

7:27 PM  

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