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Sunday, January 01, 2006


When I was 12 I thought that THE WARRIORS was so cool. I totally "dug" it. But, as I lay on the bed floating on too much cold medicine and not enough food (never made it to the store last week) I watched this movie on DVD and it made me laugh.

None --- and I do mean none of the gangs look like gangs. One "fierce" gang dressed as mimes, another as a baseball team with KISS-like make-up and even the skin head gang looked styled. I mean, what decent skin head would wear a leopard print muscle shirt?!?! Most of the actors look like rejects from "A Chorus Line" audition. The Village People look more dangerous than the "dudes" in this movie! Actually, one of the gangs looked like the Villiage People. But there is a certain camp factor that keeps it all entertaining. And, somehow --- the whole thing is still carries a fairly high cool factor. Not sure why, but this movie is cool.

Still --- I can't help but think how much fun it would have been to merge this movie with the premise of "XANADU"!

Just think --- what if this had been the setting for Xanadu! Olivia and her nymphettes could soar down, dance and rollerboogie till the peace (and the beat!) were turned around. She could still win Michael Beck's heart! And, besides, one can just feel some of these soul brothas dyin' to boogie down and sparkle!

The Warriors could have "pulled a train" on Olivia --- it would have brought a whole new meaning to the song, "Suddenly"! Now, not sure what could have been done with Gene Kelly. Hmmmm... Maybe he could have 'cameo'd' in the role of Cyrus!


Blogger Doug said...

Ah, Xanadu. Truly an unrecognized classic! I also think the Warriors is quite amusing... but apparently it is a cult classic. There is a video game that came out at the end of last year if you want to play along!

10:23 AM  

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