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Sunday, July 17, 2005


Today is the San Francisco Walk Against AIDS. I asked Milford and Alan if they were walking when I first arrived in California. Alan had made no plans, but turns out that Milford organizes a major walk team. So, I asked him to let me walk with his team and he was kind enough to say "Sure!" --- this was over almost 3 months ago! Milford's dog, Lucy, even went to the trouble of contibuting $25 in my name so that I could join the team!

I was to have met Milfords team near Golden Gate Park for 8:45AM. Well kids, it is 10:50AM and I am sitting here infront of my iBook. I suck.

I had the pleasure of meeting an individual with whom I've emailed last night. We hung out -- my plan was to be on the MUNI headed home for a good night's sleep by no later than 10:00PM. However, this individual was so cool. We ended up talking and talking. ...and we both lost track of time. When we noticed it was close to 1AM I realized that I had missed MUNI --- so he drove me home, but he needed me to provide directions as he is not particularly familiar with San Francisco.

Now, if you know me at all -- you're probably laughing.


Providing navigational directions.

That doesn't work. However, I gave it my very best shot.

By 1:45AM we were actually close, but no cigar. We eneded up in a part of the Sunset area which I did not know existed. We stopped at two gas stations for directions, but no one seemed to know "my markers" --- Ingelside Area, Randolph Street, Stonestown Mall, Balboa BART station

So, at about 1:50AM after releazing that the second gas station attendant didn't either speak english or was refusing to do so -- my friend asked if they had maps. They did. I bought one. It is up above. You will note the price sticker is $3.95. The faux gas station attendant gave me a "deal" and sold it to me for $5.37 or something like that. I just paid him.

Luckily my friend knows how to read a road map. This is a skill that has managed to escape me over the years.

Anyway, after a few misteps we got here at about 2:15AM! Believe it or not, it was my navigational skills that got us here!

Of course, I didn't get to bed till 3AM. So, thinking ahead, I sent Milford an email with the subject line -- "URGENT" --- asking him to call me on my cell phone which I put next to my head as I fell asleep. So, I figured with my alarm clock AND a cell phone at full volume -- I would wake up to make it to the Walk,

I guess the alarm clock went off. It probably went off a lot. And, Milford called twice. I didn't wake up.

At approx 10:10AM I woke up due to the sound of Alan's garage door shutting. By the time I pulled clothing on and ran to the MUNI stop, the little electronic commuter sign reported that the next train would be in 49 minutes. So, I headed back here and phoned Milford. Told him I was sorry. He was cool and laughed at me. So, I am going to meet up with his team at Milford's After Walk Party at 2PM.

While I had a great time last night, I failed charity.


Blogger Karyn said...

Ok well Queen of Life Achievements I am not, but you have GOT to stop with the failure thing! You slept through your alarm and the phone. Everyone does it at some point. I think it is WAY more important that you are having fun living your life. And I bet the whole thing didn't grind to a halt so they could have a moment of incensed silence on behalf of The Guy Who Didn't Show Up! And I am pretty sure you aren't the only one. Would you give yourself a break please? :)

2:57 PM  
Blogger snarl71 said...

Somebody was silly enough to trust YOU to provide directions. Dear lord, what is this world coming to.

You're the guy who got lost in our first condo building (for people reading this he took the elevator up IN THE WRONG BUILDING and then couldn't find out unit.

How the hell could you have provided directions in a new city? I love it. But I'm proud of you - you did make it after all. You're like Mary Tyler Moore!

7:23 PM  

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