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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Me & My iBook!

I was dreading setting my new Apple/Mac iBook G4. I had watched Karl work for hours to get our Dell PC up and running and I just was going on the assumption that I would be dealting with the same thing. However, this was the easiest set up I could have imagined. I ran into two problems. I had to call Apple for tech support. Oh my God --- both phone calls went so well. Both operators seemed to be happy to chat with me and guide me thru my "issues" --- and I didn't have to wait more than one minute on either call to speak with a real person. I now have Microsoft 2004 installed on my the ibook. I have a DVD player. I have a CD player. And it is so incrediblly easy to use. If anyone out there is about to invest in a new PC, give some thought to spending the extra money. Looks like it is well worth it to me.

So, here I am typing on my iBook. Getting used to navigating --- tho, when I put together my new table in my new apartment I have an Apple keyboard and mouse to use.

I have no real news to report.

Oh, Underling --- If you're out there, please post your new picture to your site. You look absolutely delicious!!! Karl wanted to see it, but I had already deleted it because, based upon what you wrote, you didn't seem to like it. ...I do not know why!

My brother isn't coming for Turkey Day after all. So, I guess that means I will have a long weekend of watching DVD's and going to the movies. I will have to stock up on some food for the actual holiday. Who needs turkey anyway!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karl here!

Underling - yeah, I wanna see this picture!

Babyhed - the invitation still stands from my family to come to the Cape with us. Join us!

6:54 AM  

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