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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Blog Horror, Rescue and Defeat

Hi kids! It was like a bad dream. I kept posting and posting -- but none of the posts ever showed up. At a loss, I reached out to my pal, Jen, and asked her to help me. Jen is a wiz and within minutes informed me that it appeared that Blogger, due to some goof, ate my blog. It was just gone.

i was crushed.

Ever sweet and willing to rescue me from the bowels of Blog Regret and Sorrow --- made miracles happen by doing something that had to do with Google and "cached" copies out in cyper space. Bit by bit, as she listened to the election -- she resurrected my Blog!!! --- and, with a spiffy retro template that I LOVE! A big kiss to Jen for saving the day! Anyway, I am back! I know not how to install the whole comment thing. So, I am going to stick with whatever Jen thinks is best. Work is totally insane and I will be working 24/7 starting tomorrow. So, I probably will not be able to get my links back up till late into next week, but I will be linking back to all of my fave blogs soon!

Well, the election. Today was one of those days when I had more interactions with people than usual -- which is kind of scary because 90% of my job is meeting with people of all ranks and perspectives. I really do enjoy my job --- despite my complaining. I really like people and find varying perspectives and drivers interesting. Basically, every day is a learning experience. Anyway, I interacted with folks of all political spectrums. I chatted with relieved Republicans, gloating Republicans, depressed Democrats, angry Democrats and quite a bit of ambivalence about the whole thing!

I voted for Kerry and I wanted him to win. However, I have never liked Kerry. He just seemed a better choice because I think Bush is a puppet. ..and accidental president with a low level of intelligence. And, I think this "war" is the biggest mistake we have made since Vietnam and I worry that the history of the late 60's and early 70's is probably going to repeat itself to an alarming extent --- only with a lot more bloodshed.

The country has spoken. And, even tho it was close --- the majority of Americans wanted to retain Bush. I do not understand, but I accept it.

I saw a great French film this past summer by Claude Chabrol in which there is a family dinner. At the dinner one of the characters comments, and I am not sure that this is a direct quote, but he states "The problem with Americans is that they worry too much about God and what their neighbors are doing in bed" --- the character then said something to the effect that he still thought it a fun place to visit, but not somewhere he would want to live. I saw the film at a sold out screening in Cambridge. The reaction to that line was fairly strong. At least a dozen viewer got up and left the cinema and, more than half laughed and applauded. ...I was one of those --- and I HATE people who clap at movies. Still, I felt that sentiment hit true.

I think that deviations to extremes in morality on either side of the fence are not good. It is always a bit worrying when someone feels the need to impose a personal belief as a law for others. The older I get the more I feel that "extremes" are not good. I tend to be extreme in my life actions. When I do something, I do it big. Too big. Me and my shrink are working on that one. So, it is bad enough on a personal level, but when you have a majority of the country decide that their moral codes are to be dictated and that it is OK to place a value system on human love and life --- it is a bad thing. The whole world has gotten too extreme.

I am rambling here, but I guess what I am trying to say is that if the majority of our country feels that we all need to follow the moral guidelines set forth by organized religion -- then that majority needs to focus on what that religion is really saying. I feel that the true bottom line of Christianity is actually quite lovely and good. It is my understanding that the Christian "bottom line" should be to do unto others as you would have them to do you. To use that religion to restrict love, kill others out of fear or disagreement with belief systems is not a correct interpretation ---- I mean, any moron knows that this goes against the basic fiber what Christ taught. I do not consider myself Christian, but I do believe in God. And I suspect that many are mistaking evil for good. I am certainly no Bible scholar, but I think that there is some warning to this effect in Revelations.

It is what is. And, if you did not bother to vote -- you have no right to express an opinion. If you did vote then you have every right to stand up and speak for/against our current administration and the policies it pushes.

I just wish we could all chill a bit, think more and hold off from jumping into territories of the extreme. For once, if only we could learn from history and find a way to use the past to make a better future. Not every culture wants to be Christian. ...And, no matter what you think, not every culture wants democracy bad enough to have a Big Brother country destroy their world so they can vote.

Also, can anyone really continue to defend the actions of Israel??? The problems of the Middle East will never really go away. However, would it not be good to try and help Palestine a bit. This is a people who have been pushed down so far --- should we not re-think the way we approach this issue? What we and Israel have been doing is certainly not working. Perspective is lacking.

And, you know, the concept of a war against terrorist really makes no sense. Terrorist are EVERYWHERE. How do you go to war against a group you are unable to really identify.

Wow -- this might be my longest and "preach-i-est" post. I learned a new word today which I liked. "bleh" ---

4 more years of Bush. Bleh.


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I agree. Um, yeah!

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