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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

An Unmarried Man

So, where is my Alan Bates???? Does anyone out there remember AN UNMARRIED WOMAN? I snuck in to watch it when I was little kid. Anyway, I remember she ended up meeting this really hot guy who was not interested in being married or committed, but who wanted to have her.

The reason I am thinking of that old 70's movie is that it looks like we just sold our condo. Of course, a number of things need to be reviewed and approved --- but I think it will be a done deal. One thing is for sure --- if it is going to happen it will happen quick! We will have to be out by no later than 12/15.

That means we start packing this weekend and start apartment hunting a week from this weekend. I am thinking I want to live in either the Green House or Church Park. ...they both have air-conditioning. This is a must pour moi. However, I would also be open to Prudential Towers or The Devonshire. I lived in The Devonshire before. ...not bad, but I like to control my environment. Both of those building operate like an office building using forced air so that the whole building is either heated or cooled.

Lots of work to be done. Feels really odd to be moving forward so fast. Things change so quickly you hardly have time to catch up.

...And, I've got to get this once firm/tight ass back to the gym. One just can't be this gay --- and be 38 (next week! UGH!) --- and fat! ...I guess I am not really fat, but I am developing quite a belly. That just will not do! And, if memory serves me well, Jill Clayburgh was really thin as THE UNMARRIED WOMAN.

signing off for the night with gentle kisses and heavy thoughts,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

from Karl:

Um., BabyHed...you don't turn 38 next week...you turn 38 this week. In three days, in fact.

But you'll make somebody a good husband someday. I'll even write a letter of recommendation.

7:17 AM  
Blogger Underling said...

I'm sure he's out there.

But I'm looking for him too...so remember there's competition.

(that's to give you some incentive to get to the gym.)


8:32 AM  

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