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Monday, October 11, 2004

existential Angst @ The Cineplex!

We had a rather mellow weekend and, somehow I managed to escape any further odd happenings! ...And, I rode the subway several times! Our pals, Chad and David, came over for dinner in the North End and we watched a bad gay DVD ---- but Scott Speedman is cute anyway. I forget the name of it, but not good.

I think the big deal for me was seeing Isabelle Huppert in I HEART HUCKABEE'S! Aside from having this exceptional woman in the film --- it also has wit, creativity and some priceless performances by Lilly Tomlin, Dustin Hoffman and Marky Mark! A definite must see!! I also saw SHANE OF THE DEAD. It was a cute zombie move, with some funny bits -- but not as good as I have been reading about for the past several months. Oh, and I saw Werner Herzog in INCIDENT AT LOCH NESS. I thought he wrote and directed it. ...But he didn't. It was a mock-u-mentary trying to be as good as Waiting for Guffman with a touch of Blair Witch. It just didn't quite work.

Spent the entire day creating the Outlook for our area at work. For those not in the know of accounting terms --- an Outlook is when one takes a look to see how well we are adhering to the budget we created. However, at my firm, the powers-that-be only allow us to have two months of actual spending to check our success or failure. ...Normally one would be provided with 6 months of expenditures to check against the budget. Two months does not provide much info. So, we looked good for two months. Not sure how much that really has to say about me.

I have been listening to Goldfrapp's Black Cherry over and over again today. I love that CD.

kisses from boston!


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