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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Yes, I had a dream last night. I was watching a new vid-clip from Debbie Harry. So, in my on-going effort to assist our favorite celebrities I offer the following concept for 'The Debster"!

So, I would never dream of drafting a memo to or for Debbie --- she will be cool till the day she dies. Actually, I suspect she'll still be cool well after that! Blondie still kicks major ass, and she's still carrying them about the UK. I would think she tires of singing the same songs over and over. but, like, it's Debbie Harry. So, it's cool. She can do whatever she wants! It's all good! I could listen to "Heart of Glass" and "Atomic" for days on end with no complaints, but I do kind of wish we would see her break away from the boys and do a Marianne Faithfull kind of thing. No, not do drugs for 3 years and sit on a wall in Northern England, but hire some way cool/talented producers and cut a contemporary CD. I mean, she's in the UK all of the time --- turn to Goldfrapp!!! And, Iggy needs work! I wish Debbie would reach out and do another duet with Iggy! The time just seems right. ...keep it cool, but keep it real. But, I digress. Debbie needs to follow her heart of glass to any place she desires!

Anyway, the song in my dream was a new one ---- and here is where my odd dream adds a few twists that I think would be way cool and more than a little disturbing. Music starts and we are in a urinal! Now, in my dream it was green and white, but I couldn't find a picture to match what I dreamt, but it was all very shine-y. She didn't really dance. Debbie just sort of moved her spiked heel'd feet to the music as she lip-sync'd.

Enter a large dog. And, she just kept on with the groove as the dog prowls the urinals --- freaky that I found a picture of a big dog standing up at a urinal because that is what the dog does behind Debbie --- and right at that point, there is a jerk/jump edit (not a smooth transition -- jumpy) to various men walking up and taking leaks as she ignores them and just sings the song. Now, this is where the dream took an odd turn. As she sings and the men drain, blood starts trinkling down the tiles. No one notices. Jerk/jump cut to Debbbie's feet tapping to the beat as blood starts running under them. It was almost like she was on a slant and the blood was washing under her heels. But, she keeps on tapping and the blood keeps coming. Jump/jerk cut to the dog snarling/barking as if about to attack something -- jump/jerk cut back and Debbie is singing with yellow water (piss?) pouring down the unrinals and every space around them has turned to a blood running hue -- all very shine-y. ...quick cuts between this, the dog barking as if about to attack something and Debbie's feet.

...the end. I think it would be way cool and we all know that Debbie isn't afraid to go the distance for her art! Yeah, I know it is gross. But it has major cool potential! It had nothing to do with the trip-hop-like-pop-song which was really kind of upbeat. I know Peaches did a vid-clip a few years ago in a bathroom, but I think my concept is different. And, Debbie need not sprout hair the way Peaches did. It was like a goldfrapp smoothie only with chunks of funk.

I think she should take this vid-clip concept and run with it! I wonder why I had that dream. Hmmmmm...


Blogger ing said...

I think she would have gone for it, back in the New Wave era. Now, though?

I wonder what that particular bathroom smelled like. . .

4:46 AM  
Blogger Dessie said...

Okay Ing, that qualifies as Random Thought Of The Day, lol

Would this maybe just be the next Goldfrapp video you've dreamed up Matty?

9:16 AM  
Blogger Tim said...

Yeah, it sounds like something Ms Alison would definitely go for! But I agree Debbie should have first refusal. So Matt, remind me again why you don't produce music videos for a living? MTV would LOVE you!!

4:58 PM  

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