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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


It has occurred to me that my life seems to follow the courses charted by Stevie Nicks and Leonard Cohen. This is quite frustrating as I would much rather that my life be more closely aligned with say the charting of Madonna or Kylie. You know what I mean -- something snappy, upbeat and to which one can dance. ...Total Dick Clark Hit kind of life songs. Less drama, unrequited love, regrets and confusion.

"...I should have known from the first,
I'd be the brokenhearted
I loved you from the start...
but never have I been a blue calm sea
I have always been a storm"
Stevie Nicks, 1979

I was 12 on Easter day when I first heard that song. I remember relating more to that damn song than any other I had ever heard. And, it remains true to this day. Why not "Holiday" or "I Should Be So Lucky" -- or even "Evergreen"??? Instead, I am saddled with "Famous Blue Raincoat" "Storms" "Two Kinds of Love" "Nightbird" and "Take This Longing" ...Luckily, the room's been on fire a couple of times. Better to know that feeling than a dozen holidays I guess. But, dammit --- I should be so lucky sooner or later!!!!

As I overheard a skater on the bus last night, "Bummer, dude."

I really need to figure out how to get away from this whole 70's FM radio concept. Radio did. Why can't I?


Blogger Dessie said...

If you're life is becoming a Leonard Cohen song that's a REALLY bad sign. Don't make me come over there!!

1:17 PM  
Blogger g8s said...

Oh, that we all lived Power Radio lives...

ps: the word verification for this comment is 'ragdboy'

1:27 PM  
Blogger matty said...

Dessie -- No, my life has ALWAYS been a Leonard Cohen or Stevie Nicks song! Always! Most worrying. Maybe I need to go live on a mtn top with a guru for 5 years or something. ...but, wait, even his new stuff is still my life. So, never mind.

G -- That what I was trying to think of - "Power Radio" ...yeah, the word verifications can really be funny/odd/scary.

mine is bepfshie

1:50 PM  
Blogger ginab said...

Ahh, the musical score to life. I was hooked on Mac back when Stevie was longing for Mick's figuratives. The timeliness. My half-sis was celebrating eighteen, and I was celebrating 4.5, but she was visiting and caked and gifted the album, but I was hooked. Penguin, tho, featured Landslide if I remember right. Mine over, I remain otherwise enamored by what people elect to show me versus what they could show me. I wish I were on the deciding end, tho. Like the director of Nobody Knows, I would like to have the power to create and show as I choose.

WIthout that level of influence, Matty can you tend bar? Can you free-agent like solicit legal advice?

word vefification: misxftci which is Italian I think for misfit.

2:07 PM  
Blogger Jon said...

As much as I love Leonard Cohen, I hope you life isn't becoming like one of his songs.....seriously? You aren't paying your rent in the tower of song, are you?

3:46 PM  
Blogger matty said...

Gina --- I am right with you on that! Wouldn't that be cool!?!?!?

No, I've never worked a bar. Too bad because I can't drink so I would be perfect --- if I knew how to do it! LOL! My experience is all corporate -- upper executive mngmnt on the administrative/organizational fronts. I did some student teaching back in my college days, but was not good at it. Besides the fact that my degree is in English --- I'm a wiz with numbers and financials so I can do and have always had my hand in accounting. Too bad I can't manage my own money! LOL!

And, I am always open for advice/ideas/guidance!!!! So, if you have any -- please share!!!

Jon - Oh, darling, my life has always been a Leonard Cohen song. Nothing new. Just wish that would change as I enter the second half of my life. I'm cool and fine, but this is not where I expected to be at 39! Oddly, I am happier right now than I've been in years! Just need income/insurance and a lover who loves me as much as I love him. I guess I just want the same things as every other human on the planet. Thought I had them all at one point, but things can be deceptive! Oi!

9:31 PM  
Blogger Dessie said...

Wait a minute, did you mention somewhere you were being looked after by a headhunter?

Honey, widen the search. Do as you were told, go to every temp agency and sign up. Go to the unemployment office or whatever you have over there and check all the ads. Put yerself up on monster.com. When it comes to recruitment NEVER put all your eggs in one basket - the moment they know they don't have you exclusively they'll be crawling over you. Call a few different agencies and pretend you can fit them in between interviews, see how they react.

Believe me, I worked in that business for 7 years. The more unavailable a candidate is the more desirable he becomes. Maybe it's because you're so aloof men keep hitting on you in the street? Hmm.

7:15 AM  

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