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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


So, being somewhat new to the whole cell phone world without a land line I was not sure what I should do in terms of a minutes plan. T-Mobile suggested that I go with 1,000 minutes plus free evenings/weekends. Sounded good to me as I could not imagine being on the phone for more than 1,000 minutes a month anyway. I don't really like chatting on the phone. And, for the first 2 months this plan worked fine.

However, upon my arrival in San Francisco I think I am now seeing a "real time" glimpse of my phone use.

Well, once again, I screwed myself. My bill came in on Monday. The bill for one month came to $595.00. Now, normally this would send me into a fit of anger and panic. However, given all of the many challenges I've been facing as of late my only reaction was to laugh. I mean, really -- what else can I do?

I called T-Mobile up and they helped me find a plan that will "better" fit my needs! In fact, the one to which I upgraded would have allowed me an additional 800 minutes for this past bill if I had been on it. The operator was very friendly and asked me if paying the bill was going to be a problem. I told her it would, but I would figure it out and get back to them. OY!

Alan asked me what I was going to do. I told him I was now applying the Scarlett O'Hara approach and would simply worry about it "tomorrow" ...or within 31 days when I have to do something to prevent the loss of my cell phone service.

I've now applied to 250 positions in San Francisco, met with 4 headhunter agencies and several temp agencies. I can't find a temp agency that wants to use me because they feel my resume and experience level would "intimidate" their clients to whom I would be reporting for the temp assignment. However, the head hunters are much more positive. So -- I continue to plug away!

Suddenly my little Hello Kitty cell phone wall paper seems to look a bit sinister to me! LOL!


Blogger Jon said...

How many minutes did you go over by?

You should go for less minutes and choose a roll over plan. which I believe that T Mobile has. Say you have 800 anytime minutes and only use 500- the next month, you'll have 1100 anytime minutes! Hasn't Catherine Zeta JOnes taught you anything? ^_~

12:14 PM  
Blogger matty said...

I tend to close off when I hear or see CZ Jones, but the plan I went with does have roll over minutes. So, I think am all set. Excepting the bill for last month! LOL!

1:10 PM  
Blogger adrock2xander said...

It's crazy isnt it Matty...just take ya time...shove an avocado up all the gay bashin employers' ass while ya at it...a bloke like you should get a job easy peasy...

Hang in there buddy...

9:50 PM  
Blogger Karyn said...

CZJ isn't my favorite but I loathe dealing with Cingular, where Satan's Minions work, so when I decided to get a new cell, I went T Mobile too. :) That was the first week of April. Still haven't got a bill. Wonder where it is? Well, I got 600 minutes and I was afraid I'd chew them up but lo! I only used 147 minutes my first month. Need a life, don't I? (By the way, who've YOU been talking to, Mr. I Don't Like Talking On The Phone?)

12:29 PM  

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