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Monday, May 09, 2005


Yes, kids, I have made some major life changes in these past weeks! Found myself facing some highly unusual circumstances and upon reflection I decided that the best option for me was to simply jump off the edge and start it all over. So, I am no longer living in Boston. I have relocated to San Francisco. I gave my notice to my employer and am now in the midst of an aggressive job search.

I am lucky enough to have one of my 4 closest friends on the planet living here and he has given me a nice place to live unitl I get sorted with a job, etc. Another challenge I am facing is an enourmous amount of debt with which I must deal. So, the next couple of weeks will be a bit stress-filled!

However, stress is nothing new and I've survived far worse.

On the positive side of things --- I am really psyched to be back here. I've already made some new friends in a very short amount of time and am enjoying the beauty of the area. And, it is really nice to be close to Alan again. I've missed him a great deal. Let's hope I am not driving him crazy as I've invaded his personal space!

I feel kind of like Rhoda --- standing at that intersection screaming, "New York! This is your last chance!" ...except of course I am in San Francisco, am male, do not wear beaded hats/head scarfs, wild 70's fashions and have a fat sister named Brenda. But still, I feel a spiritual connection with Mary Tyler Moore's best friend who remains frozen in the mid to late 70's thanks to the "magic" of TV!

Tho, I should not spend the money --- I am meeting my pal, Bill, to see PALENDROMES at the historic Castro Theatre this evening! A boy has to have some fun, right!!??!?

I do sometimes feel a bit sad and horrified when I think of some of the challenges I am facing and the desperate need to secure a job with benefits --- and the sadness of leaving behind so many imporant people in Boston. And, it was hard to leave my employer. I can't say that the last couple of months were very "nice" in my dealings with folks at the National level, but I am really going to miss all of my co-workers. I would have been there 11 years this month. That is a long time and I have a family there. Dysfunctional, but a family all the same. Of course, what family isn't dysfunctional?!?!?

Anyway ---- San Francisco, this is your last chance! I toss my "Dirty White Boy" cap in the air and the cool, clean Northern California breeze carries it down Castro Street. I run after it, but am stopped by a gathering of beautiful men of all shapes, colors and sizes --- all friendly. And -- wait --- is that Sylvester I hear crooning from one of those beautiful homes on Noe?

Hmmmm... Mighty real.


Blogger g8s said...

Oh, but if only you did wear those wild 70s fashions! But seriously, enjoy all the newness of your situation while it lasts; it can be exhilarating.

2:35 AM  

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