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Saturday, January 15, 2005


Last night, as I bounced about the apartment, I found a Mrs. Beasley doll on line for a good price!

I hope that I am not the only one who remembers FAMILY AFFAIR with fondness. I think it was way into "re-runs/syndication" when I used to see it in the 70's --- because I think the show took place in the 60's. Anyway, secretly, I always wanted Buffy's odd little doll. Even as a small child I found it quite curious that a little girl would so love a doll made to look like an old lady in an ugly blue outfit. I could never imagine a real person wanting a doll of an old woman to hold like a teddy bear --- but I was totally into the whole oddness of the sitcom moment.

Also, I figure Mrs. Beasley might be able to protect me from Betty. I have decided that I do not like Betty. She is just creepy! If she doesn't stop with the head moving and the little lights blinking she is going to be moved into a closet! Someone needs to show me how to sell on Ebay vs. buy --- I think Betty is about to be sold. Unless Thomas wants her.

Tommy, are ya out there? Just let me know if you want the robotic dog. Am sure the cats could hold their own with her!

Ah, Family Affair. Does anybody else remember Uncle Bill? He had the best ass.

Yes, I am admitting it all on this post. I am coming clean with all of my secrets and desires. I wanted that old lady doll ---- and Uncle Bill. But, Sissy was a bitch, Jodie squeaked when he talked and the fat butler was a jerk.

Oh, I think the doctor needs to let me return to work! LOL!


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