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Tuesday, January 04, 2005


I finally secured a copy of the soundtrack for the THE PIANO TEACHER. I had to order it used from a nice lady in Paris. I had actually contacted and ordered it from her back in September. She contacted me about a month ago via my work email to see if I still wanted it. I had forgotten, but YES! I still wanted it -- and, as I reminded her I had paid her via PayPal. Anyway, it arrived today. I had not known this but Isabelle Huppert actually played all of her character's piano parts --- LIVE for the film. And, she plays the music on the soundtrack CD. Apparently she trained as a pianist for over 12 years. Prior to playing the role in the film, she did more intensive study of piano and Schubert for one year. Wow! One talented lady. However, I have since discovered Mitsuko Uchida --- and her renditions of Schubert are so incrdible. The soundtrack sounds not so good to me at this point. Still, kind of cool that the lead actress was able to go that far with the role.

Karl managed our money for close to 8 years. Prior to moving in here I would have been the absolute worst choice to play The Price Is Right. I just didn't and, in many ways, still do not know the price of things. Last night I had to order some groceries from an online grocery store which requires a minimum of $80. I sat down at my PC thinking that I would have to buy stuff I didn't want because I would never reach that amount. ...I was wrong -- and I don't even cook. However, we are going to be trying Lean Q and Healthy frozen dinners for a while. I still call them TV dinners.

The other issue facing me as I type this is my new found love of jazz/blues. Every where I look I hear/read of Miles Davis --- adn according to every music expert --- his early 70's or very late 60's album, Bitches Brew, is supposed to be his very best. It is playing now. ...and, it just seems noisy to me. Sorry, but I don't get it. A friend recently recommended Dianne Reeves to me and her music is blowing me away. What a great smokey voice with such range ---- and she seems to be very smart about her collaborators/producers/arrangers. I am shocked I had not found out about her on my own. She is awesome. If you like jazz and just lovely music --- check her out. Thus far, my favorite recording is from 2003 called A Little Less Moonlight which was produced by Arif Mardin. Mardin hasn't done a job this good since his work with Bette Midler and Carly Simon -- way back in the 70's!

Another pal is turning me on to chamber music so am about to start to explore that!

OK -- time to shut off the PC, take a shower, a shave and head to bed!

sweet thoughts,


Blogger Jon said...

A lot of people order from Fresh Direct here in NYC- I prefer the old fashioned way, when you get to choose your produce. Otherwise, you end up with rock hard fruit and veg that is weeks away from being ripe.

2:20 AM  
Blogger snarl71 said...

OH, Matt - you'll get the hang of things!

As for me, I've realized I can use Peapods for heavy items once per month (drinks, laundry detergent, paper towels). But I still go to the local butcher and produce shop for the perishables.

6:29 AM  
Blogger Underling said...

You see...this is what I find so fascinating about living in an actual metropolitan city. You see, I live a mile away from a massive grocery store, or supermarket, if you will. I can drive there, but $100 worth of food to last me the month and drive it back home. I never really thought about how impossible that would be in a big urban center until my sister moved to Chicago. I don't think I could adjust to that.

...And I certainly don't think I could ever order groceries from a website.

7:34 PM  

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