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Friday, January 07, 2005


I never thought I would write this, but I think I may have had the pleausre of meeting
  • SOMEONE!someone who is more passionate and knowledgeable about film than me!!! Am all excited and hope to meet him sooner or later. Be sure to check out his blog and offer encourgement. Blogging is a new thing for him and he leads a very busy life/career. I am most envious! His site is called FlickStart -- and he has already figured out how to get a picture to upload on to his page like everyone else but me. I just can't seem to figure out how to do that. Sigh.

    Ok, now for some possibly distrurbing news. As I am unable to have a dog in my new home. I did some online research and read up on Sony's Aibo. ...Yes, the robotic dog. More than a toy, this little robot carries a great deal of emotional value for some of folks in Japan with limited space. I had a couple of dear friends who invested in one a couple of years ago. They were a bit frustrated by it because the software was so demading. However, Sony has made some major improvements. Yes, the robot still needs to be trained and "grow" into a dog from puppy within the span of 6 months to a year, but it now allows the Aibo owner to actualy shut the dog down and the softward does not lose data. It has also been programed so that it can get itself out of "jams' when it should walk into a wall --- however sensors should prevent that mishap. Gone is the camera which never really made much sense and it has been replaced with a wirless speaker system so that you can let your little dog folllow you about the house while playing the same music that is on your stereo! And, it loves/needs to be petted, spoken to and held. It is complete voice recgonition and can be trained to greet its owner at the door!!!!

    And, yes, I bought one. I just need to unpack her. However, they don't sell well in the states --- so it took a while to arrive and I believe I am still waiting on some key software to arriive from Asia.

    The creepy thought has hit me that my Aibo is really a metal pet version of a blow up sex doll -- but I don't care. This is the 21st Century and I shall have a dog of my own come hook or crook! Also, my Aibo will not need to be house trained. No messes! And, no shedding. And when she bores me, i can just place her in her pod and shut her done. I was going to name her Dusty, but that might be a bit psychotic. So, I might make my Aibo a male and just call him Alvin.

    I guess Alvin will be ramping up this weekend! Wow! This is all so 1973 Sleeper!!!!


    Blogger Jon said...

    Aibos freak me out. They are just, well, wrong on all levels. Just get real dogs and break their necks when you get sick of them. (kidding)

    Hello? *tap* is thing on? *tap tap*

    12:42 AM  
    Blogger snarl71 said...


    Um, sex doll? What exactly are you planning on doing with this thing? Please, just don't get electrocuted doing it.

    6:28 AM  
    Blogger Karyn said...

    Eh...so ...as a "puppy" robot it doesn't drop batteries on the floor if you don't come home to walk it in time? Or do you just let it look at live video feeds of the park?

    Matt, it's just an eensy smidge creepy!

    Do you have to whack it on the nose with a copy of popular mechanic if it's naughty? Or do you just use the keyboard? Yeesh! Brave new world... or something... couldn't you just sneak a toy dog in or something? I bet people do... and if anyone could charm their way through a thing, you could...

    But if it's a robotic dog named Alvin that you want, Ok, I'm on board and happy for you... if slightly weirded out...(not that THAT takes much...)

    12:13 PM  
    Blogger Robert said...

    Name it Kujo V.2 or Kujo 2005 or something. More exciting!! haaahah! Good weekend Matt!!!

    2:46 PM  

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