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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Bonding with High-Level Executives

My boss will be out of the office and unavailable for a while.

Just before she left today she told me that she had met with one of our top executives and that he spent 30 minutes asking her about me. Bottom line: I have to go bond with this executive and with yet another executive because they feel I am not "involved enough with their day-to-day business" and I need to "get into his head" and act more as an "advisor" --- those are his words. My boss just relayed them to me. And I have to start dressing "better" --- those are my boss' words. Then she left.

This was not my day --- but I have a feeling that the rest of the week might be filled with even worse days. Optimistic am I not?

Anyway, skipped the movie tonight. But I plan to go tomorrow night no matter what. I need to form strategic corporate strategies and kick some major ass. ...or would that be kiss some major ass?

We haven't gotten much snow this year, but I am not even enjoying the snow storm tonight. I am just worried about my job security now.


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