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Monday, March 08, 2004

Sad News...

Just read that Spaulding Gray's body was found in the East River in NYC. I guess he killed himself. So sad. I always enjoyed his performance pieces and once met him. ...well, I walked into him when he was in Boston. I didn't say anything because I am infamous for saying really stupid things when I meet celebrities. It is best that I just not say much. But if I had been able to say something intelligent I would have thanked him for being such a talented artist. His work generated so many interesting thoughts and ideas. Always seems that the most gifted are often the most tormented. Sad.

While on the topic of sad things, I am being sent to the Meadowlands office for the next 2 days for a fun-filled time of corporate training. So much fun ---- and in such a glam place! ha! Oh well. I get back late Thursday night. Maybe I will have something fun to report when I return.

I have been thinking of creating another blog dedicated to writing reviews of the many movies I see. Anyone who knows me knows that I see a lot of movies. As an example I saw 3 this past weekend. Will probably see 3 more this coming weekend -- not to mention all of the DVD's I see. And, if you know me --- you know I have opinions about all I see. Might be fun. The only concern I have is that I don't seem to be posting to this blog as I used to, but am going to think about it. Maybe I will try to set up this weekend. Of course, last time my pal, Jen, did all the background work to get me up and running. And I don't think I am much better tech-wise since I started this blog. Maybe Karl will help me! Karl? Are you there? Jen can't help me -- she is stuck in busy season hell!!!


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