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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Warming the House

Well, things have been so busy as of late! I haven't even had time to catch up on my blogging!

In about 3 hours we will be starting our House Warming Party --- looks like we've got quite a few friends joining us! We've purchased much wine/beer and food stuffs --- and the place is all freshly-cleaned! The only concern we have is that quite a few of our pals have decided to drive to our place --- parking is a nightmare in downtown Boston. Oh well. I guess they will figure it out when they arrive! Disney on Ice is going on next door at the Fleet Centre.

Am trying to think if I have anything really exciting to share --- I don't. However, I discovered a fantastic band! The Scissor Sisters totally rule!!! If you are not familiar --get out there and discover them! I think they are from Jersey, but had to go all the way to the UK to get some notice. ...which I think makes them even cooler! Tho, I've never been --- I just know I would LOVE the UK.

Well, I guess I need to go make myself pretty for my soon-to-arrive guests! Wouldn't it be a bummer if they arrived and I looked dumpy?!?!?! I have to sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!!!!


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