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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Inpeaches Bush!

Ok, so I am not trying to write about politics --- nor am I making fun. I am not smart enough and this really isn't funny. So, I hope I do not offend anyone when I write about what I saw today as I emerged from the subway in downtown Boston late this afternoon.

I guess that there was a rally of sorts today because I saw folks walking about with signs supporting the gay marriage ruling going on here in Massachusetts. As I walked on thru the crowded city street I saw a down syndrome woman coming toward me. She was smiling and holding a small sign which read, "Inpeaches Bush!" in blue magic marker scrawl.

Oh, and I heard on the radio that Courtney Love has been granted the authority to marry two lucky hetrosexuals in Las Vegas. It is a contest for radio listeners. ...and the sanctity of matrimony remains safe and holy. Oh, and you also get free tickets to her concert. I feel that Karl and I should have access to this contest just like any hetro-couple in our country. I am tired of being seated in the back of the bus --- especially if Courtney Love is going to do the driving!

Perhaps the spelling was off, but I have to say I am in agreement with that happy girl. I do think he needs to be inpeached --- or at the very least pelted with peaches.


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