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Monday, March 15, 2004

Babs Is A Focker!

I am all moist with excitement! Babs Streisand has signed to play Mrs. Focker in the sequel to the Ben Stiller/Robert DeNiro movie! Dustin Hoffman will play Mr. Focker. This is, like, total dream casting. ....tho, I still think Woody Allen would be an ideal leading man for Babs. Can't wait!

I am forcing my brother to see "Dirty Dancing -- Havana Nights" with me tomorrow night. He really has no choice. I am just making him. He made me see that Pro-longed Torture of the Christ --- so now he must see a bad chick flick with me. I just can't wait to watch that hot Mexican boy dance! I figure Roy can watch the blonde girl dance. I figure that the movie will suck, but I know I will enjoy the dancing and the music. I will write a full report on my movie blog!

I am currently having a Robbie Williams issue. I really hated his last CD upon its release. So much so that I gave the CD away. Now, a year later I see a Canadian imported DVD of his last summer's UK tour where he performs all of the songs that were on that CD which I hated. Well, now I LOVE every song on the stupid CD and had to re-purchase it. Oh well. I wonder why I hated it the first time round, but now love it. Go figure. Fickle finger of music fate, I guess.

Well, time to go check on my pal, Thomas, on his blog and the further adventures of Tim on his. Karl had a brain fart on his newly established blog -- but it sounds much worse than it actually is. I should be creating links to Thomas, Tim and Karl --- but I am just too tired with the announcement of a new Barbra movie and the links are to your left. Go visit them! You can't visit Jen at What's Brewing because she is taking a break as she gets thru tax season at our office. Send her positive vibes --- tax season at an accounting firm is pretty damn scary. We're almost done tho! Oh! I've discovered a way-cool blog site --- be sure to stop by and visit Useless!Worthless!Inspid!<


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