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Thursday, December 01, 2005


I had a bad day. Nothing dramatic. Just a tough day and I felt as if I had been drained of all energy by the time I left the office at 6pm this evening. But, my iPod Mini shuffle saved me --- I was taken into a magical world created by the etheral princess, Kate Bush.

"I fell in love with a swan
My eyes were filled with feathers,
he filled me with song
in the reedy river.

I am in my boat long hours
He, in his royal plumage
I threw him some flowers
in the reedy river.

Black was the night and stary
I loosened up my garments
and let forth my hair
in the reedy river.

Sadly, we mourned and sighed
Whilst an evening's twilight --
two swans glided by
in the reedy river.

Oh, and in that reedy river...

I fell in love with a swan."


Blogger Karyn said...

I don't know from ethereal princesses... but swans are MEAN. In fact, most birds are mean. Did you know the closest living relative to the T-Rex is a freaking chicken? It's true. That is the first thing I heard when I flicked on tv for W. last Saturday morning. Stuck right in my mind. Ah well. Tomorrow is anotha day, Scarlett. ;) xoxo

2:42 AM  
Blogger matty said...

Karyn -- You're too funny! Yes, swans are mean. Actually, birds are mean. I agree. But, they have often been used in literature and myth as creature of divine beauty, grace and sexual desire. ...almost like sacred gods. I believe Helen of Troy was said to be half swan and that she came from tryst between Zeus and a swan. So, I think the feeling and or imagery Bush was thinking of was meant to be sensual, forbidden and highly sexualized -- and quite taboo. ????

I just think it is a really neat song. I love the sounds she makes with her voice in lieu of actual backing vocals.

1:09 AM  

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