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Monday, October 03, 2005


"...One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes."

I re-read "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery for, like the 80th time today. One of the very few bits of literature that I could read over and over and never tire of it. I always seem to discover something new in it and find a great deal of wisdom and strength in it. My boss saw me carrying it out during my delayed lunch hour --- it was yet another perfect day so I walked to this little park area with a Diet Coke, sat on the warm grass and with the soft wind running past me and the sun smiling down on the back of my neck --- I read it from cover to cover. Anyway, my boss teased me a bit about my heavy reading and I told him it was much more heavy than he might imagine. Actually, I think it more an adult book than one for a child.

...wouldn't it be cool to have known Antoine de Saint-Exupery?

Oh, I found the sand dollar while at the beach this past Sunday. It is absolutely perfect and is over 2 inches in circomference! Beautiful. I've it lying next to my scary Thai doll.


Blogger joe said...

I really love le petit prince. It really isn't a children's book at all. or perhaps it's more like a book that grows on you. like that snake/hat drawing, you never look at the stories the same way twice. I've only read in french, and now when I pick it up, I get big headaches from trying to remember my grammar. ack! 80 times, I couldn't do it.

9:21 PM  
Blogger Topher said...

Same goes here, i really love that book. I didn't pay it no mind when I was a sophomore in high school, having to do a book report about it. Thought about it few years later and been re-reading it ever since. Like you said, it's one of the those books that you discover something new everytime.
Just curious, what edition of the book do you have? I prefer the older one translated by Katherine Woods I believe. Tell me though, that you looked up in the sky even if the sun was out and wondered: is it a yes or no?

P.S. I'm just new to blogging and I linked to yours, if you don't mind. Has enjoyed reading yours. Thanks

11:01 PM  
Blogger laurenbove said...

I tried reading it in French. Actually my father requested I do so. Never got far, until I got a copy in my native tongue. Finnish. Vähäinen määrä Prinssi (Just kidding)

I love the poet that lives in your soul. I can sense it in the way you write and the things you write about. Very special.

6:22 AM  
Blogger matty said...

Joe -- I wish I could read/speak French. Translations are often more like paraphrasing so I always wonder how much meaning has been lost, but I still find plenty! To me, it is like a great song -- never tire of it!

Kris! Thank you! I am blushing! I can't wait to explore your blog and have added a link to yours on mine as well! You know, I am not familiar with Katherine Woods -- I need to investigate and read her translation. I've only ever read the translation by Richard Howard. ? ...and, I know the answer has just got to be "yes" when I look at that big sky filled with tiny stars.

Lauren -- You're too generous to me! I only wish I could be talented enough to be an artist! You, my friend, are a poet!

8:38 PM  
Blogger mattiebean said...

bon giorno signore.
it's 10am here but you're probably in the shower and drinking coffee at the same time; oop, graphic image--hmm, i should have been more wily and obnoxious.
i'm a bit peeved b/c i tried to send you an e-mail with the link on your blog page & after i wrote 2 precious paragraphs i wasn't able to send it--argh! Guess i don't have the software.
anyhow, i wanted to seriously suggest that you look into publishing a selection of these journal entries accompanied by the photos; you clearly put a lot of time into it and you are very eloquent. like any of your constituency of voyeurs, i too was disturbed by this recent nightmare entry; you are a tortured scorpio through and through, dear sir.
please do check out "don't let's go to the dogs tonight", a fantastic and original read, quite addictive--plus, the author uses these shabby photos to enhance her memoirs...pure wonder.
lastly, thank you for your encouragement and keen enthusiasm for my own fiction/memoirs; i'm once again taking the plunge into trying to get an agent, get published! i trust you are stimulated and happy in CA. mattie, Boston

7:53 AM  

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