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Saturday, October 08, 2005


So, I wonder --- what does it say about me that I dislike the early "Riot Girrrrl" rock of the early Liz Phair, but have totally enjoyed the pop-friendly last two CD's she's released. The critics and most people I know disagree with me and consider her last two CD's to be total sell-outs, but I like them. I especially enjoy the slutty commerically-geared release from a couple of summer's ago. I mean, how can one resist a song about male love juice as a beauty aid? And, I do like the new one --- I am particularly fond of the track about all of her old friends in rehab. Been there. Done that. I relate. But, Ms. Phair can't really sing. However, that does make it easy for me to sing along. I mean, is it me or doesn't anyone else find her voice to be flat and always right on key?!?!?

That tounge-in-cheek commercial pop CD made her sound best. The uncomfortable mix of the producers and composers who put folks like Britney, Pink and Ricky on the map blended with Phair's somewhat ironic lyrics just somehow works.
And all that pro-tooling really helped her vocals. The new CD is not all that tweaked, but much more on the soft rock side of the tracks than her earlier works. Sort of like an artiste who yearns to sound like Sheryl Crow, but does not quite have the vocal talent and is far too edgy to quite cross into the mainstream of MOR rock.

I would love to hear would it would sound like if Liz Phair did a cover of Endless Love with Cake --- or they could "re-tool" that old 70's chestunt made popular by Peaches & Herb. I can't remember the name of that song, but Cake and Liz Phair doing it would seem like a cool idea. That would be as "the kids" say, "hella-cool" ...I remember "South Park" having Cartman say this years ago, but I am hearing a lot of kids around here say it quite a bit. Slang. Gotta love it.

Oh! And a new Robbie Williams CD coming our way next month! Yay! As well as the long promised DVD box set of all 6 of the Streisand TV specials from Rhino Video! Double Yay! Now, if only I had the money to buy them! ...especially as the Robbie CD is only coming out in the UK. Oh, and Series 2 of Britiain's "Peep Show" is out next month as well!!! AND --- looks like Kate Bush is finally going to surrender her new CD in late November/early December -- a 2 CD set no less! I am all aglow with excitement!

Oh, and even tho I am totally queer --- is it strange that I have a crush on Asia Argento and Jennifer Jason-Leigh?!?! They are both just so damn hot! ...and hella talented!


Blogger Jon said...

I happen to agree with the critics- my favorite Liz album is 'Whipsmart', which is pure, indie sounding Liz. But, in her defense, she is at a different place in life presently. She seems happy, unlike Liz in the early to mid 90s, so if her music did sound the same, that would be weird, you know?

3:54 AM  
Blogger g8s said...

I've only heard the singles from the last couple of Liz Phair albums, but I remember loving her early stuff, and being a bit shy when I had to wait on her. She seemed like the kind of person who really thinks before she speaks. Both she and Jennifer Jason Leigh are gorgeous in person, although Liz Phair is taller in person than most people think. It's easy to understand the crush on Jennifer Jason Leigh. Her eyes are even deeper in person than they are on film, and she's got this gravity about her; you can't miss her.

7:49 AM  
Blogger matty said...

Jon -- Yeah, I know I am in the minority. I did, however, like the cover art to her early CD's!

g8s --- OK, so I just have to say that if I had to meet the level of celebrity that you do I would JUST die. LOL! I am a klutz anyway, but serving the rich and famous --- particularly the ones I admire would cause major disaster in the world of high end hosting! LOL!

5:21 PM  
Blogger laurenbove said...

"male love juice as a beauty aid"

Hast thou not seen: "Caligula?"

3:29 PM  
Blogger matty said...

Lauren -- Oh, yes! I've seen Helen Mirren rub the stuff all over herself on many a glimpse at that naughty vid! However, somehow it was given a bit of romantic and commercial flavor by Liz that Helen could only hint at. LOL!

10:15 PM  

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