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Sunday, August 07, 2005



Milford treated me to an evening of incredible entertainment --- Charo! Live! At the Herbst Theatre on Van Ness! She was awesome and Milford had secured seats which were practically on the stage! I really enjoyed the show and I think she might be a brilliant guitarist. However, I knew not how to "process" as she strummed a flawless rendition of Ravel's Bolero wearing a rhinestone tuxedo and accompanied by a smoke machine, a synthesizer, a spinning mirror ball and a spandex-glad dancer in need of a pole.

I expressed my discomfort to Milford. He said to fear not -- it was simply Vegas at its best and most gay. I guess he might be right. But somehow, I think we witnessed TRUE art.

And, prior to the show we had dinner at a place called "Sauce" that was fantastic. We tried to have an after-the-show dessert at "Citizen Cake" but the staff was snooty -- so we walked back to "Sauce" and indulged in true sugar heaven! We had a blast! And I suspect I gained 25 pounds, but that's OK!


Anonymous thomas said...

i totally remember charo from her stints on the Love Boat when i was a kid. and to be honest, i didn't even know she could really play the guitar. i thought that was a prop. see the amazing things i learn from you , matt?

9:29 AM  
Blogger Underling said...

I think I just blew a gay fuse.

Charo live?

9:29 AM  

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