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Saturday, August 06, 2005


Job prospect #2 fell thruough yesterday afternoon. Got the phone call in the early afternoon. I guess it is nice she took the time to call and speak with me. This prospect failing did not really surprise me as I hadn't felt I really "clicked" with the HR Director. So, I've got a lot riding on Monday's interview. Let's hope this recruiter is being honest when she tells me she has some "hot" opportunities. We shall see!

Anyway, after I got that call yesterday I decided to return to "the escape" of a dark cinema. I had been reading about Alain Corneau's FEAR AND TREMBLING for some time. A Japan/France production, this "comedy" has sparked a bit of controversy in its depiction of Japan culture thru what is ultimately a perverse relationship between a Belgian woman and her Japanese supervisors. I have not read the novel from which the film is based, but I believe that it is all based on the writer's own experiences. After being born in Japan and raised there for the first 5 years of her life, this young woman has carried a love of Japan in her heart all of her life. She devotes her studies to Japan in hopes of returning to live there after university. She does and secures a translator position with one of the top Japanese firms. In the film, she clashes with her supervisors and ends up in a sort of corporate take on "The Story of O" ---- tho, tinged with humor there is a feeling of anger aimed at Japanese culture in general. I am not sure that this was the tone set by the book, but this is the message I got from the film. A lot of people have had this reaction to Corneau's film. However, the acting is exceptional and I believe the lead actress, Sylvie Testud, won the French version of the Oscar for her work. However, I left the cinema feeling a bit disturbed about the agenda of the film. I am sure that there is a great deal of truth to be found here as I don't think anyone would argue that Japan has a number of issues at any given glance, but to create a somewhat smug comedy about it seems to have a racist slant to it all. Maybe it was my mood, but I doubt it as I know it has raised similar reactions. Interestingly, it is being marketed as cross between "The Office" and SECRETARY. As with most American marketing, this is not fair to the film. I was watching the film with a largely Chinese audience and this audience seemed to love the film. I was just troubled by what I saw. Draw your own conclusions.

Then I saw the new Bill Murray movie, BROKEN FLOWERS. I enjoyed the first half, but the whole thing seemed to drift off somehow. Left me cold. Also, am I the only one who has tired of seeing Bill Murray look like a bored sad sack in every role?!?! I think he has been playing the same character since RUSHMORE. LOL!

Tonight, I am joining Milford in seeing Charo in concert at the Herbst Theatre! Can't wait! Alan saw her signing CD's at Medium Rare CD Store on Thursday evening. He told me that she was quite tiny with really big hair. ...as it should be!!!!


Anonymous thomas said...

tiny with big hair. ah, the perfect combination. how do you see so many movies though? i just can't sit that long.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:18 PM  
Blogger matty said...

Tommy -- I can sit with the best of them! LOL!

I have never seen SPAM post comments....

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Learned a lot here. Thanks.

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3:40 PM  
Blogger matty said...

...I didn't know SPAM made cheese cake.

Is there no escape from these corporate jerks?!?!?!?

11:44 PM  
Blogger Karyn said...

You know, it is just cruel to tease and tempt people with links to turtle cheesecake recipes. Bad Spam! BAD! ;)

4:52 AM  

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