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Thursday, July 21, 2005


I think I've mentioned that I've been reciting a prayer with a medal in my hand. It means something to me because of the woman who sent it my way. She is one of the most impressive, kind and open-hearted individuals I've ever known and has been a great friend to my mother, my brother and me over the years. So, even tho I do carry a great many "issues" with the Catholic Church Leadership --- I feel that this little medal represents the power of positive thought and love. This degree of positive energy far outweighs any dogmatic/socio-political concerns I might have. I think any of us who have a spiritual base of some sort have found ourselves praying a lot these past 4 years. So, when I woke up this morning to more sad news from London. I found myself saying another prayer to the Creator. I have to believe that there is a generator of our life force beyond atomic science. I know a Creator of this significance would not be sexualized. By that, I mean, it does not really make much sense that this being would have a sex. But, because I am human and "project" my personal feelings on this being --- for me, The Creator would have to be more female than male. So, I give it up to her. Daily, hourly and by the minute. And, it appears that there may have been no loss of life! Of course, the devestation continues in Iraq and other parts of our world.

Just as like many of you --- My thoughts and prayers are with all those who are suffering and worrying for their loved ones.

One of my brother's earliest works, he did this when he was 5 years old. I always find it quite profound. No stern task master with a beard, no earthmother touching a blue planet --- just a bowl of fruit.

OK, on to things I do understand but have no real importance. ...Because, really, that's what I'm all about!

Why o why aren't people supporting good film?!?!?

There are not enough people skippig the cineplex in favor of seeing THE BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY and ME, YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW?!?!!? I had the same frustration over the lack of audience for PALINDROMES and MYSTERIOUS SKIN. Granted, with the exception of one -- these are not "easy" films that will make you want to skip out of the cinema, but did WAR OF THE WORLDS or WEDDING CRASHERS have this impact on you?!?!?!

These art-house movies are a bit challenging and do expect you to think, but --- Come on, give art a chance! If you live in a metropolitan area where these "little" films are playing -- see them!

I am really psyched about Bergman's new (and most likely last) film, SARABAND -- which is a continuation of the story followed in SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE. It opens tomorrow. I really loved the characters he created in the original Sweedish TV series --- and to make it even all the better, he actually cut it under 2 hours in length! I don't think Bergman has made a film this short since his experimental films from the PERSONA era. Excellent! And I am quite curious about the new Gus Van Sant film --- however, I guess I am really only seeing it becaue Asia Argento is in it and I enjoy watching her. LILA SAYS has gotten some great reviews, but I think I am least interested out of these 3 new films.


Blogger snarl71 said...

I kind of miss that "god" art hanging in my home.

10:34 AM  

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