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Saturday, June 11, 2005


As is the way of my life lately, things have just worked out --- and, not a minute too soon! The check came in from UPS who broke so many of my belongings! ...of course it is not the full amount as it was supposed to have been, but I can now pay my scary phone bill on Monday morning and will not lose my phone! Thank God for Alan --- he is going to "front" the amount for the phone bill for me as my bank will be holding the check for 7 business days. Oi! Anyway, it turned out that my phone was scheduled to be cut off at 5am EST on Monday --- so, I cut it close -- but it is all working out! Yay!

I honestly am not sure what I would have done if I lost my phone. My resumes and so many applications are floating all over the Bay Area with that number!

It is an absolutely gorgeous day! I was sort of thinking I would be able to meet up with a friend and explore the city, but he got tied up and that turned out to not be possible. So, I wondered all over the city just enjoying the weather, but then got bored and did what any normal person would do on an absolutely perfect day --- i went to the movies. Yeah, I'm a winner!

I had been hearing about "15" for a couple of years and had been trying to find copies of it on DVD for a while. I believe it was filmed in 2002 and was really 'released' in 2003, but it has received very few showings and I believe Singapore was so upset by the graphic and nhilistic depiction of inner-city youth that it was banned and the director had a bit of trouble getting it out. It certainly presents a side of Singapore life we seldom see or hear about. It was a solid film, but flawed. The director (who makes lots of music clips in Japan) has quite a style and had some very unusual ways of editing and tying the mindless violence and self-destruction into the global obesession with pop culture. However, as creative and interesting these devices were to watch, I was left wondering if he wasn't sacrificing the power of his film to a sort of dark satire. And, the audience is a fly on the wall -- there are no suggestions for what needs to be done to help these kids and no clear criticism of the government that obviously is doing nothing. The acting was limited in range, but this is because the director crafted his film around 4 real inner-city youths who were all 15 at the time of the filming. And, while the film is scripted -- this kids are living this horrible life and I was left feeling that I had just particpated in some sort of exploitation of a grave issue. I think he exploited those four boys --- and, at the film's end we are given a one sentence wrap up on where each of the four boys were at the time the film was ready to go out for release. One was in prison, another had attempted suicide twice, the third boy had been kicked out of school and home and the fourth boy had gone missing and was feared dead. So, this was a really fun way to spend my Saturday afternoon! However, I had really wanted to see the film. I just think that someone connected with the making of this movie could have tried to do something to help these kids. The film is being compared to Larry Clark's KIDS, but that is not a fair comparison. KIDS was a powerful film in its way, but a scripted one -- and more than a little over-the-top in its delivery of a dooms day story. This film was much more harsh and upsetting. This is the second film I've seen where I agreed with the NC-17 rating. Not a film for a child to see.

Last night I saw SAVING FACE -- a cute little independent film which reminded me of A WEDDING BANQUET only not quite as well made. However, I think this was the director's first film and she did a great job for first time out. And I was amazed to see Joan Chen playing dowdy and 50!!!! I should think that someone had to deal with some ego issues in that respect! LOL! The ending was also too "neatly wrapped up" -- but it was entertaining and fun. Now, this is a film which was handed an R rating and I can think of no other reason than the plot focused on two lesbians. There was nothing R-rated about the movie. It was a cute film. Why is the US so terrified of displays of affection between members of the same sex -- especially when it is about love. Why is making love something we want to restrict from children and killing/harming others OK to show them????

I don't get it!


Anonymous thomas said...

we are a culture of violence. i see it every day at work. and it makes me very sad.

2:47 PM  
Blogger Jon said...

If they did shut off your phone, they'd switch it back on upon bill payment- at least that's what happened to me a few years back. I just hate having a cell phone contract, it makes it sound so serious. You don't have a contract with a landline, so why for a cell phone?

2:23 PM  

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