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Monday, June 06, 2005


I had to kill time today before an important meeting. So, I walked around Market Street and ended up looking at the window display of Medium Rare Records --- a very over-priced CD store which manages to secure and stock the most obsure of titles. I've yet to figure out where these two guys find this stuff. Anyway, they survive and get away with the high prices because of the highly unusual CD releases that they seem to be able to find and stock.

Anyway, as I marveled at the fact that some recording company would actually bother to press Diana Ross' "Muscles" lp to CD format -- and, even more that there is an audience for it -- when I noticed a red CD with one an oval face looking at me from the CD booklet cover and I thought, "Gee, that face looks so familiar to me" ...there was no name on the CD cover so I had to tilt my head to read the spine to determine who that oval face belonged to and why she looked so familiar to me.

Well, the name of the CD was "Samantha Sang: The Ultimate Collection"

Ok, now, I am old enough to remember Samantha Sang. "She" enjoyed one hit single which has since been re-recorded by Destiny's Child called "Emotion" It was a great pop/disco song from around 1977/1978. Samantha Sang "sang" just like the Bee Gees -- in fact, one would be hard pressed to determine which voice on that single was hers and which were those of the Bee Gees. They wrote and produced her entire album. ...as far as I know, she only ever had one. Anyway, I remember that people suspected that there was no Samantha Sang -- it was simply the Bee Gees farting around with an oval faced model -- but then Samantha Sang made an appearance on American Bandstand and lip synced to Emotion. I don't know --- I am still not convinced. Anyway, I loved that song -- but the thing is I am trying to figure out how there could be an "ultimate collection" of Samantha Sang music when she only ever made one LP. I wanted to go into the store and examine this odd CD which I could tell was imported from Japan or something, but I do not dare enter CD/DVD stores at this time. Not sure why as I've no money to spend anyway -- but I am like an addict when it comes to CD/DVD stores.

Anyway, it is just emotion that's takin' me over. Tied up in sorrow -- lost in my soul. But, if you don't come back, come home to me darlin' -- you know that there'll be nobody left in this world to hold me tight -- nobody left in this world to kiss good night. ...good night.

Ah, the smooth stylings of the Bee Gee's as conveyed by Ms. Samantha Sang. Yes, she cried a river that led to our ocean.


Blogger snarl71 said...

OY VEY - only you would a) stumble upon such a thing or b) remember who she was. I remember thinking that song was actually sung by the Bee Gee's until you showed me the light.

6:27 AM  
Blogger Karyn said...

Um , yeah. I don't remember her. Or the song. I barely remember the Bee Gees. However, the story of your obscure-title-carrying music store has piqued my attention! I am seeking hopelessly schlocky (or hopelessly hip, I'm not sure which) songs from SATC which do not appear on the soundtracks; "You Got The Love" by Candi Staton and "Belle et le Bad Boy" by MC Solaar. I can't find them...waaaaah. If you come across them and happen to think of it, let me know how obscene the price is; it can't be worse than Amazon... it galls me to pay for whole albums when I only want one damn track and freaking Napster doesn't yet carry the license for them...gak. Well, anyway. Bigger fish to fry, no? :)

1:10 PM  

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